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Football: Blackburn Rovers Table Offer to Ronaldinho

Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, 30, has been offered a deal worth €24.6million over three years by Barclays Premier League club, Blackburn Rovers.

Blackburn have been making several moves since the club was purchased by Indian owners, Venkys, including dismissing Sam Allardyce as club manager, and tabling a loan bid for David Beckham.

The Ronaldinho deal would bring the biggest name to the club since Alan Shearer left for Newcastle in 1996.

The Brazilian has fallen from favour at AC Milan, since joining from Barcelona in 2008.

Ronaldinho lost his position in the Milan starting lineup last season following the arrival of Robinho and Ibrahimovic, culminating, most recently, in the player leaving the club’s winter training camp in Dubai for his native Brazil, a move which has left a cloud over his future in Italy.

Blackburn will have to persuade Ronaldinho to choose them over a number of Brazilian sides, but they do have two things in their favour: Ronaldinho is believed to be keen to taste the English Premier League; and Blackburn’s financial package is above that which many clubs are willing or able to offer.

If he does select Rovers, Ronaldinho can expect to earn €7.6million in his first year, and €8.5million in years two and three.

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