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Firefox 6 Downloaded Ahead of Time by Avid Fans

The new version of the Firefox browser has been downloaded ahead of time by avid fans who are so well versed in the naming conventions of the Firefox website that they began surfing with the latest Firefox update almost three days ahead of schedule. The new version had been made available on the FTP servers as early as Sunday.

There is also a new version 7 beta also out this week for those who love to hunt bugs and play with the latest software.

Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Corporation through open-source projects. The Mozilla Corporation is owned by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation registered in California. It oversees other projects including Thunderbird (email), Camino (Mac browser) and WebMadeMovies (open video editing).

In a financial statement for 2009, the Foundation had revenues of $104 million, expenses of $61 million and was funding 250 people around the world in the course of its projects.

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