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Film: Jason Momoa to Star in Conan the Barbarian Remake

Jason Momoa will star as the lead character of Conan the Barbarian in the new Liongate version of the film. The 1982 version of the movie featured Arnold Schwarznegger, so the Hawaiin-born former model will have some serious footsteps to follow in.

Momoa is best known to fans as Ronan Dex from Stargate Atlantis. The dreadlocks he wore for the sci-fi series were so heavy that he got headaches and whiplash, but Conan the Barbarian sees him returned to long-haired glory.

The tale of vengeance and magic is based on the Robert E. Howard book and will be released in UK cinemas on Wednesday 24th August 2011.


  • Jason Momoa as Conan
  • Rachel Nichols as Tamara
  • Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym
  • Rose McGowan as Marique
  • Saïd Taghmaoui as Ela-Shan
  • Ron Perlman as Corin
  • Leo Howard as Young Conan
  • Steven O’Donnell as Lucius
  • Raad Rawi as Fassir – High Priest
  • Nonso Anozie as Artus
  • Bob Sapp as Ukafa
  • Milton Welsh as Remo


Director: Marcus Nispel

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