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Film: “How Do You Know” Starring Owen Wilson & Reese Witherspoon

On December 17th 2010, blockbusting rom-com How Do You Know will hit cinemas. Starring Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson, Kathryn Hahn and Teyonah Parris, the film tells the tale of a beautiful blonde softball player who finds herself caught between her professional baseballer boyfriend (played by Wilson) and a corporate loser under federal investigation (played by Rudd).

On the casting of Reese Witherspoon, James L. Brooks, Director, said:

“I saw Walk the Line, I know how funny she is, how adept she is at comedy and then I saw that performance and I went to her before I wrote a word. If you’re trying to nail a contemporary heroine right now I think she’s the girl.

The initial premise was two people who meet on the worst night of their lives. The character Matty, who Owen plays, was supposed to be a one-scene part and then I loved the characters so much it changed the story and he stayed in.”

Reese Witherspoon had to train with an Olympian softball team in preparation for the part and said that the training was hard. When asked about the parallels with her own relationship breakdown with Ryan Philippe she squirmed, but admitted that there was something in the film for anyone “who has ever wondered about love and relationships”.

Paul Rudd said that working with Jack Nicholson was “incredible” and that it was an “amazing” experience to work with such a talented legend. Nicholson plays Charles – the father of Paul Rudd’ character George. The plot sees an innocent George accused of financial crime and Lisa (played by Witherspoon) cut from the softball team which has been her whole life. The pair start at the very bottom of their personal lives and go out on a date.

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