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FIFA World Cup 2010: Top Ten Shortest Players

Having already revealed who will be the Top Ten Tallest players at World Cup 2010, The Global Herald unveils who will be the shortest players taking to the pitch in FIFA World Cup 2010.

World Cup 2010 – Top Ten Shortest

Aaron Lennon, of England – who also field the second tallest player (Peter Crouch) – is the shortest player registered to take part in the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. He stands 165cm tall (5′ 5″).

The next four shortest players stand at 166cms, or 5′ 5.5″, and include Clement Rodriguez of Argentina, Arthur Boka of the Ivory Coast and the Honduran pair Walter Martinez and Danilo Turcios.

The list includes 12 players in joint 9th place (20 players in total).

Shortest Facts:

  • There are 12 players in equal 9th, all at 168cms tall – making there 20 players in the top ten heights list in total,
  • Uruguay have three players out of the 20;
  • Honduras, England, USA and Chile each have two players in the Top Ten Shortest list;
  • Only three of the 20 players are defenders; none are goalkeepers;
  • The list contains nine midfielders and eight forwards;
  • Only three of the 20 players are aged over 30 – none are 35+
England Aaron LENNON 16/04/1987 165 MF
Argentina Clemente RODRIGUEZ 31/07/1981 166 DF
Cote D’Ivoire Arthur BOKA 02/04/1983 166 DF
Honduras Walter MARTINEZ 24/03/1982 166 FW
Honduras Danilo TURCIOS 08/05/1978 166 MF
France Mathieu VALBUENA 28/09/1984 167 FW
Korea DPR MUN In Guk 29/09/1978 167 MF
Uruguay Sebastian FERNANDEZ 23/05/1985 167 FW
Algeria Karim ZIANI 17/08/1982 168 MF
Chile Alexis SANCHEZ 19/12/1988 168 FW
Chile Fabian ORELLANA 27/01/1986 168 FW
England Shaun WRIGHT-PHILLIPS 25/10/1981 168 MF
Germany Piotr TROCHOWSKI 22/03/1984 168 MF
Ghana Kwadwo ASAMOAH 09/12/1988 168 MF
Paraguay Rodolfo GAMARRA 10/12/1988 168 FW
Slovakia Miroslav STOCH 19/10/1989 168 MF
Uruguay Walter GARGANO 23/07/1984 168 MF
Uruguay Egidio AREVALO 01/01/1982 168 MF
USA Steve CHERUNDOLO 19/02/1979 168 DF
USA Francisco TORRES 29/10/1987 168 MF

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