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FIFA World Cup 2010: North Korea 23 Man Squad

Korea DPR – North Korea – have named their 23 man squad for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Coach Kim Jong Hun has named 21 Korea based players as well as Jong Tae Se and An Yong Hak who play their football in Japan.

North Korea are in the most difficult World Cup 2010 group, Group G, where they will face Brazil, Portugal and the Ivory Coast.

North Korea 23 Man Squad – FIFA World Cup 2010

1RI Myong Guk09/09/1986GKPyongyang City (PRK)187
2CHA Jong Hyok25/09/1985DFAmrokgang (PRK)178
3RI Jun Il24/08/1987DFSobaeksu (PRK)178
4PAK Nam Chol02/07/1985MFApril 25 (PRK)172
5RI Kwang Chon04/09/1985DFApril 25 (PRK)183
6KIM Kum Il10/10/1987MFApril 25 (PRK)170
7AN Chol Hyok27/06/1987FWRimyongsu (PRK)178
8JI Yun Nam20/11/1976DFApril 25 (PRK)172
9JONG Tae Se02/03/1984DFKawasaki Frontale (JPN)181
10HONG Yong Jo22/05/1982FWFK Rostov (RUS)174
11MUN In Guk29/09/1978MFApril 25 (PRK)167
12CHOE Kum Chol09/02/1987FWApril 25 (PRK)178
13PAK Chol Jin05/09/1985DFAmrokgang (PRK)184
14PAK Nam Chol03/10/1988DFAmrokgang (PRK)183
15KIM Yong Jun19/07/1983MFPyongyang City (PRK)182
16NAM Song Chol07/05/1982DFApril 25 (PRK)178
17AN Yong Hak25/10/1978MFOmiya Ardija (JPN)182
18KIM Myong Gil16/10/1984GKAmrokgang (PRK)181
19RI Chol Myong18/02/1988MFPyongyang City (PRK)173
20KIM Myong Won15/07/1983GKAmrokgang (PRK)180
21RI Kwang Hyok17/08/1987DFKyonggongop (PRK)178
22KIM Kyong Il11/12/1988MFRimyongsu (PRK)174
23PAK Sung Hyok30/05/1990MFSobaeksu (PRK)175

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