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FIFA World Cup 2010 Football: England Announce 23 Man Squad

Fabio Capello has named his England 23 man squad that will fly to South Africa to take part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Seven players will not travel from Capello’s original 30 man squad, including Theo Walcott, Darren Bent, Adam Johnson, Scott Parker, Michael Dawson, Leighton Baines and Tom Huddlestone.

Capello appears to have opted for an experienced squad rather than form, as Jamie Carragher, who came out of international retirement to make the original squad is favoured over Michael Dawson, 26, despite the two players enjoying entirely opposite fortunes at club level. Dawson has been arguably the best defender in the Premier League this season – Carlos Tevez named him “the best” he had faced in his career after Spurs played Manchester City, while Carragher has had a tricky time as Liverpool failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Walcott will also be disappointed to miss out after playing in both recent friendlies. That said, Aaron Lennon, recently returned from injury, showed more penetration and end product than Walcott in the friendly games, and the Spurs player is showing why it is good to get consistent games at club level.

England will line up as one of the favourites, however, with an abundance of riches in midfield matched by a tight rearguard.

First choice goalkeeper will be up for grabs as David James, Robert Green and Joe Hart have none of them established a firm grip on the number one position.

The Global Herald shall tomorrow be listing a full preview of all 32 squads for World Cup 2010.

World Cup 2010 23 Man Squad – England

Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Manchester City), David James (Portsmouth), Robert Green (West Ham).

Defenders: Jamie Carragher (Liverpool), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Glen Johnson (Liverpool), Ledley King (Tottenham), John Terry (Chelsea), Matthew Upson (West Ham), Stephen Warnock (Aston Villa).

Midfielders: Gareth Barry (Manchester City), Michael Carrick (Manchester United), Joe Cole (Chelsea), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Aaron Lennon (Tottenham), James Milner (Aston Villa), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Manchester City).

Forwards: Peter Crouch (Tottenham), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham), Emile Heskey (Aston Villa), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United).

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  1. Lampard and Rooney can make England win !

  2. Not fair we need Walcot & wayne bridge

  3. I do hope being able to write properly won`t downgrade my comments.

    I believe this team is destined to go nowhere. Neither Heskey, Barry, Gerrard, nor Milner would make it on any other top 8 international squad. The last game against Japan was a disaster, and Capello`s judgement is questionable at best when he still cannot recognize that Joe Hart is head and shoulders above both Green and James.

    Should make it to the last 16 then it`ll be lights out!

  4. may u loose on the group stages left walcoo

  5. “scum bags” that wish England to loose just because we are England are pathetic no hopers!

    Go back to the cuntry you came from and support your own weak team.

    Leave us England alone cos we are gona romp our way to the semi then the final!
    By the way! Walcot is not good enough be a counrty mile and cappello is 100% correct. Get over it!

  6. leaving walcot out is tha worst mistake one can ever make.hope u loose

  7. why leave out walcot?at his age ,youve demoralised him.i hop u loose trust me u will

  8. Team is the same as the last one which didn’t get anywhere…

  9. cause wallcott couldnt finish a sandwich, all that pase is wasted on his lake of skill n finish

  10. Darren bent left out after being one of the highest scorers in the premier league (for an average club) ?!? and even more unbelievable, proven non-goalscorer Heskey gets his place – he couldn’t score in a brothel !
    Yes i’ve heard all the ‘he frightens defenders & knocks balls down for rooney’ arguements but the bottom line is he’s a centre forward who can’t get into double figures for a good side ( quite often he can’t even get into the first team !). Bent could do his job AND score goals.

  11. i think personally he has made the right choice leavin wallcott out he hasnt got the experience an is not ready for world cup level yet,, out of choice of goalkeepers id rather prefer joe hart in goal i think hell do well, anyhow COME ON ENGLAND!!!! this is how i would line up the squad personally :–






  12. can’t belive whyy rhey ayy put theo wallcott in the squad buhh the team seems like a good selection as it is

  13. why heskey …. darren bent is so much better …… i think adam johnson should have got a place aswell along with walcott for SWP

  14. Personally i think hes gone a bit mental, then again i hope im eating my words during the world cup, but would have much prefered dawson to carragher, or even upson if carraghers place was cemented. Also the only good game i think ive watched with heskey in was the 5-1 win over germany, other than that hes awful. would have taken johnson and walcott possibly agbonlahor. All in al i think hes picked a pretty poor squad, but hes the professional

  15. well it could be said that theo doesnt have a football mind…just pace.
    joe cole and lennon will be more useful

  16. Capelo’s squard will never get to semi final bcoz the selected player are tired n perform poor! Walcot was the best but…, by double a frm tanzania

  17. walcot is rubbish he dont run with the ball. he dont use his pace

  18. hes started in nearly every match for cappelo just to be a prick and leave him out, id say hes in the top 4 of the squad :O

  19. wtf is stephen warnock in it for

  20. Why bring Heskey and not Bent thats a stupid decision!!!!!

  21. Where is walcot and bent bent scored over 20 goals last season 4 sunderland where is he y is heskey there he hassent scored in over a year

  22. i know walcott is soooo good….

  23. i can’t believe theo ay in the squad y is gareth barry he’s terrible well i’m being harsh but theo is better maybe barry is more expieranced, i am distrought, i’m glad 4 all the villa players, overall a brilliant spuad, i would put sensational if theo was in it!!

  24. Can’t believe Wallcott isn’t playing. In my opinion he is better than Lennon, Phillips and Milner. OMG!

  25. To be honest i,m not surprised wallcott is not in the squad , he is undoubtly a very good talent in the making , but at moment he can,t deliver that killer cross

  26. Wallcott not going BIG mistake. Heskey please walk away mate you not good enough

  27. theo should of got on

  28. We need wallcott’s speed in the squad; without it were screwed! Bad bad decision, thats our world cup over……

  29. Thats total rubbish 4 strikers, emily hesky over darren bent. Bent bein da 2nd highest english premier league scorer. And jamie carragher ova dawson. Completely diabolic. Shocking!!! Credit to aaron lennon. He will still give problems for any full back. GOOD LUCK ENGLAND!!!

  30. gotta take wallcott over heskey, theo can play upfront and midfeild. crouch is our best target man

  31. Walcott? Proven? The lad can’t cross and scarcely manages a final product at International level, looks like he peaked with his 3 against Croatia.

  32. heskey the one who cant finish

  33. Why is heskey in the team i think darrent bent should get that spot as we already have a big presence upfront (peter crouch) also Wright-Phillips for Walcott come onn

  34. Why isn’t wallcott in the squad he has proven himself where as gareth barry hasn’t I think it’s a little harsh to be honest

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