Secretary General of the Arab League Denounces Shelling of Homs

Bashar Ja’afari (front, right), Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN with colleague ahead of the Security Council vote on measures against Syria. Image courtesy UN Photo / Paulo Filgueiras

The Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Dr Nabil El Araby, has denounced the Syrian shelling of protesters in the city of Homs. Dr Nabil warned against violence in all its forms lest Syria should slide into civil war. The Secretary General said in a statement:

“We are following with deep concern the very disturbing situation on the ground in Syria, namely, the escalation of military operations and the use by Syrian forces of heavy weapons against civilians – witnessed in the cities of Homs and Damascus.”

The Secretary General added that the actions violated international law and the Arab Charter of Human Rights.

The UN Secretary General added his voice to the criticism of the actions saying he was “appalled” by the death toll in Syria, which the UN estimates at 5,000. On Saturday 4th February 2012, a majority of the UN Security Council voted in favour of a draft resolution backing an Arab League plan for a Syrian government ceasefire and transition to a new government. China and Russia exercised their vetoes, fearing that further meddling in the affairs of sovereign states would grant license for other world powers to attempt to intervene elsewhere.

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