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Falling Skies Double Bill Finale on FX, Tuesday 30th August 2011

Noah Wyle as Tom Mason

Falling Skies is the TNT series by Robert Rodat produced by DreamWorks Television. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer lending some veteran alien experience to the tale of Earth under attack.

The Falling Skies double bill series finale sees Weaver and Tom have a crisis of confidence in one another’s leadership as they prepare for a major assault on the alien stronghold in Boston. Weaver’s mental wellbeing is questioned, as well as his ability to lead.

It also appears from a dissection that the Skitter aliens have been harnessed into working as slaves for a master race of tall, slim-limbed humanoids, directing the colonisation of Earth.

Matters are complicated by the worsening condition of the children who were harnessed by the aliens. The removal of the outer portion of the alien devices appears not have have fully removed the young humans from the alien communication system. However, the welfare of the children appears to be linked to that of the aliens providing an opportunity to use the alien technology against its inventors.

Young men volunteer to help fight the threat – against all odds as it appears the other regiments have been wiped out. Women and children are shepherded to safety in this survival-against-the-odds epic. Expect bombs, RPG’s and tactical moves from both sides.

Falling Skies episodes nine and ten will be aired at 9pm on Tuesday 30th August 2011 on the FX channel for UK viewers only.


  • Noah Wyle as Tom Mason
  • Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass
  • Will Patton as Weaver
  • Drew Roy as Hal
  • Maxim Knight as Matt
  • Connor Jessup as Ben

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