Facts Tell: Americans are not dying for Wall Street

Americans not dying for Wall Street? #notdyingforwallstreet

Chinese state funded broadcaster, CGTN, picked up on the trending hashtag #NotDyingForWallStreet and said that Americans were “not dying for Wall Street” in this report:

Against the onslaught of a deadly pandemic, the American people are not only getting worried, they are getting angry.

They are angry because their President said he wants Americans back to work two weeks from now on because America is a country open for business; they are angry because Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick said, again on Fox, that older Americans didn’t want the whole country to suffer on their behalf.

Later, the hashtag “Not Dying for Wall Street” went viral on Twitter…

CGTN YouTube Channel

The US and China have been engaged in some fairly open hostility for some time now, with Trump raising tariffs on Chinese goods, and more recently insisting on calling Covid-19 a “Chinese virus” on several occasions.

It is interesting to see Chinese state media pick up on America’s response to Covid-19.

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