EVERYTHING you NEED to know about MLB owners/players new deal | Nothing Personal with David Samson

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Today’s word of the day is ‘agreement’ as in the MLB and MLBPA reached on on all the details of the 2020 season. We’ve all been waiting for this. It was released that the owners voted unanimously on this, but that’s not really true, and here’s why. The biggest issue was always going to be service time and now we know that Mookie Betts will be a free agent this offseason NO MATTER WHAT. Let’s talk a little about salary arbitration and what the means. Another big obstacle was going to be the MLB draft and it looks like it will still go on… but with a twist! When will the season start? No one knows for sure, but this has to happen first. So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Time to set sails on Carnival cruise ship for a second… not actually… someone asked me why billionaire owner Mickey Arison couldn’t just bail out his own company. Review – Tiger King! Remember That One Time…when the Arizona Diamondbacks won the 2001 World Series… well this is what you didn’t know about that final Louis Gonzalez at-bat. MLBeard Challenge Day 11/12: Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels #waittosee


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