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European Qualifiers for Polo World Championships at Villa Sesta, Italy: Teams

Teams Playing at the Villa Sesta in Tuscany, Italy

The Villa Sesta Polo Club is playing host to the European qualifiers for the Polo World Championships which take place in Argentina on 10th – 21st October 2011.

The winning team playing this week in Italy will have a gruelling schedule to get from Tuscany to San Luis in just seven days after playing in the qualifiers from 22nd September until 2nd October 2011. They will play those teams who have already qualified, namely; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the United States, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

At the qualifiers, Italy, France, Holland, Germany and England will compete for a place in the World Championships. Currently at a training camp, the European teams will field the following line-ups:


  1. Alfio Marchini (captain) Hcp. 4
  2. Goffredo Cutinelli Rendina hcp. 3
  3. Fabrizio Bulgarini hcp. 2
  4. Boris Bignoli hcp. 1
  5. Marcos Antinori hcp. 4
  6. Nicolas Antinori hcp. 5
  7. Manuel Elizalde Dellacasa hcp. 2
  8. Francisco Elizalde Dellacasa hcp. 5
  9. Juan Jauretche hcp. 4
  10. Enrique Martelli hcp. 3


  1. J Good hcp 5;
  2. M Charlton hcp 4;
  3. J Richardson hcp 3;
  4. N Britten long hcp 2;
  5. M Routledge hcp 4;
  6. A Kent hcp 4;
  7. O Cudmore hcp 3;
  8. John Kent hcp 2;
  9. E Parsons hcp 2.


  1. Martijn van Scherpenzeel hcp 1;
  2. Alexandre van Andell hcp 3; V
  3. Vincent Mesker hcp 3;
  4. Nick Groos hcp 4.


  1. Thomas Winter hcp 5;
  2. Christopher Winter hcp 3;
  3. Eva Bruhl hcp 2;
  4. Moritz Gandeke hcp 3;
  5. Sven Schsneider hcp 3;
  6. Christopher Kiesel hcp 2.


  1. Brieuc Rigaux hcp 5;
  2. Clément Delfosse hcp 4;
  3. Matthieu Delfosse hcp 4;
  4. Pierre-Henri N’Gounou hcp 4;
  5. Patrick Paillol hcp 4;
  6. Gaëtan Gosset hcp 3;
  7. Edouard Pan hcp 3;
  8. Sébastien Pailloncy hcp 3;
  9. Robert Stron hcp 3;
  10. Alexis Pouille de Balkany hcp 2.

Rai Sport will televise the matches and entrance to the games is free to the public.

The Villa Sesta polo club can host up to 300 horses and features two polo pitches, a swimming pool and a tennis court. The estate also features its own winery specialising in Chianti. Alejandro Battro, an Argentinian expert in the maintenance of polo fields, personally oversees the grounds.

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