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EU Calls for Egypt to Lift State of Emergency

The Egyptian Minister for ICT and Chairman of Egyptian National Post Office Launch A Commemorative Stamp Celebrating the Uprising in a Ceremony on 23rd January 2012

One year on from the uprising in Egypt which ousted the President, Hosni Mubarak, the EU has called for the military leadership in the country to lift a partial state of emergency which still holds in the country.

Nevertheless, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Matters, Catherine Ashton, hailed the successful first meeting of the People’s Assembly on Monday and congratulated all Egyptians:

“I wish to congratulate the Egyptian people on the one-year anniversary of their revolution. Egyptian men and women, young and old, representing the whole of society, showed admirable courage in calling for their legitimate human rights and fundamental freedoms. My thoughts go to those who gave their life for freedom, dignity and a better future…

“…I am looking forward to the continuation of Egypt’s democratic transition, allowing for a transfer to civilian rule as early as possible.

“I hope that Egypt’s democratically elected leadership will push further fundamental socio-economic reforms, allowing the Egyptian people to prosper and enjoy their full democratic rights.”

Egypt's Commemorative Stamp

In celebration of the anniversary of the uprising, the Minister for ICT, Dr. Mohamed Salem, approved a commemorative stamp. In a ceremony on 23rd January 2012, he and the chairman of ENPO, Mr. Mosad Abdel Ghany, took the opportunity to call Egyptians to look to the future and encouraged national unity.

The stamp shows the Egyptian flag with protesters gathered in Tahrir Square.

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