“Without You” – New ITV1 Drama Starring Anna Friel

Anna Friel in "Without You" Image © ITV

“Without You” is a new drama on ITV1 starring Anna Friel. The story is based on the novel by “What To Do When Someone Dies” by Nicci French (a pseudonym for Nicci Gerrard and Sean French). The tale poses a sinister but poignant question – would you trust your instincts that your partner had not cheated despite masses of evidence to the contrary?

In the three part series, Friel is both vulnerable and strong playing schoolteacher Ellie Manning. However, in grief her character takes on a bravery and recklessness that she did not previously know. The ghost scenes are credible and moving, portraying a realistic relationship between two very close people. Friel said that filming a thriller intertwined with grief was emotionally demanding:

“There is no easy, pretty way to deal with death and because of the tight schedule and filming time, it was relentless. Normally I can let go and be chatty with all the crew but on this I kind of stayed in a rattled state of mind. It was an emotionally draining role. With death, it’s a sad thing we all, at some point, have to deal with and I hope I captured that honestly and truthfully so that people can relate to it. Because everyone is different there is no real answer of how to deal with loss. It stays with you forever.”

Most importantly for any good thriller, the ending is not predictable from the outset – the conclusion to the drama is a genuine surprise to even the most hardened fans of thick plots, though the clues are there for those who are looking…

“Without You” airs on Thursday 8th, 15th and 22nd December at 9pm on ITV1 for UK audiences only.

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Ellie Manning played by Anna Friel
Greg Manning played by Marc Warren
Joe Foreman played by Barnaby Kay
Gwen Abbot played by Olivia Poulet
Fergus played by Simon Trinder
Hugo Livingstone played by Tim Woodward
Milena Livingstone played by Heidi Monsen
Frances Shaw played by Pippa Haywood
Johnny Lansdowne played by Liam McMahon
Inspector Ramsay played by Paul Ritter


Adapted from a novel by Nicci French
Adapted by Charlotte Jones
Executive Producer: Sally Head
Producer: Nigel Marchant
Director: Tim Fywell
Director of Photography: Tony Miller
Production Designer: Candida Otton
Make-Up and Hair Designer: Karen Bryan Dawson
Costume Designer: Lucinda Wright
Composer: Edmund Butt
Editor: Mary Finlay

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