UKTV: “The Seasons with Alan Titchmarsh: Winter”, 30th May 2010

Alan takes viewers on a journey through the coldest part of the British year in the last of this four part series for ITV1.

Explaining the changes of season, TV’s favourite gardener goes right through the tilting of the Earth on its axis, to the smells and changes of light throughout the year.

Alan introduces an ice swimming club, invesitgates how pike survive the cold, watches hazel coppicing and explains the origins of Winter festivals – including how the Puritans banned Christmas for 16 years in 1644, citing overindulgence and Pagan traditions as reasons.

Hibernating animals are filmed in their nests and wading birds are shown getting a Winter snack in Norfolk. Alan also looks into Seasonally Affected Disorder which occurs when our bodies produce melatonin to help us sleep more in the dark months. This is counteracted by cheerful Winter festivals such as the torching of a viking longship in Shetland.

“The Seasons with Alan Titchmarsh: Winter” will be shown on ITV1 at 7pm on 30th May 2010.

Alan Titchmarsh huddles against the cold © ITV

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