This Week on Howard: Kyle Dunnigan, Charades, and Richard Eats Gary’s Nose Hair

Kyle Dunnigan talks about living with his ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer, Howard and Robin play charades, and Richard Christy pulls out Gary Dell’Abate’s nose hair … before eating it. All in this week’s Top Noine moments!

0:22 – Howard’s Hate List
1:29 – Gary’s Nose Hair
3:55 – Ronnie’s Origin Story
8:11 – Kyle Dunnigan Living With Amy Schumer
10:18 – Richard Excited About the Chiefs
13:53 – JD Learns How to Use a Lighter
16:39 – Gary Can’t Pedal Off the Pounds
18:35 – Ronnie’s Therapist Falls Asleep
22:49 – This Week in Howard History
26:11 – Howard and Robin Play Charades

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