Summer Camp “Welcome to Condale” EP Review

Summer Camp made "Welcome to Condale" with Pulp's Steve Mackey

Summer Camp will release their debut album on 31st October 2011. With haunting vocals and more synth than you can shake a stick at, this is a fitting release for Hallowe’en. Check out a particularly sublime chord change in the chorus of track number 2 “Brian Krakow” for more music than you will hear in a full day of commercial radio. The EP starts with moments of melodic genius echo against empty retro backing. Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey are responsible for the folky vocals, whilst Pulp’s Steve Mackey has an obvious influence in the eighties tones which permeate the tracks.

“Nobody Knows You” explores Sankey’s melodramatic bluesy voice a little further giving a tease to the ever prowling community of remixers looking for a velvety female vocal to carry a wub or beat. Electronic arpeggios reminiscent of Unicorn Kid give a window into how this might work. “Down” is incongruously upbeat with a catchy refrain – “My Life, My Life” – which you will soon find yourself joining in with, “Welcome to Condale” is also a toe-tapping classic.

“Done Forever” is a glorious exhibition of Sankey’s voice and once again plays the major-minor natural card with aplomb. Dance is a natural home for this pair and the bluesy vocals fit perfectly. Expect to hear “Last American Virgin” on an advert soon – no whistling will go unrewarded. A concluding chord set underlines a beautiful duet.


  1. Better Off Without You
  2. Brian Krakow
  3. I Want You
  4. Losing My Mind
  5. Summer Camp
  6. Nobody Knows You
  7. Down
  8. Welcome to Condale
  9. Done Forever
  10. Last American Virgin
  11. Ghost Train
  12. 1988

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