Australia: Shock as Kyle Sandilands Quizzes 14 Year Old Rape Victim on Air

Kyle Sandilands

Sydney based ‘shock jock’ Kyle Sandilands provoked outrage this morning when his “Lie Detector” segment at around 8am local time featured a 14 year old girl who, when quizzed on her sexual history by her mother, broke down, revealing she had been raped at the age of 12.

The segment with co-host “Jackie O” has sparked outrage from Australians and is making headlines around the world – with many predicting that Sandliands will lose his job over the incident.

While many are quickly lambasting the show for featuring this rape revelation, it is obvious from the recording that the hosts of the show had no prior knowledge of the rape and that, as soon as it was revealed, were quick to end the segment and offer the girl and her family counselling.

The premise of this section of the show is that people come on to be hooked up to a lie detector while a friend or family member quizzes them about embarrassing subjects, such as masturbation, or sexual history.

That a fourteen year old girl should be asked these questions on the radio at all is being questioned by several commentators – however, the “appropriateness for radio” of the eventual revelations were called into question by a spokesperson for the Department for Community Services, Linda Burney, who also stressed that the girl in question should be offered counselling.

As with many similar shock jocks, Sandilands divides public opinion. As a household name – Sandilands has featured in Big Brother and judged for Australian Idol – the DJ is known for his outrageous shows and shocking antics. Many could see this latest stunt as a step too far.

Whether or not Sandilands loses his job over the incident, it is likely that it will once again rekindle the debate over what is and is not acceptible for broadcast – similar to that which took place following the telephone call from Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand to Andrew Sachs on the UK BBC Radio 2 show, which resulted in Brand resigning and Ross being suspended.

What separates these two events, however, is that Sandilands’ show was live on air, and the BBC phone call was pre-recorded.

Sandilands’ Lie Detector segment was also taken off air soon after the rape revelation was made, and both hosts appear to have handled the revelation with a degree of sensitivity and professionalism.

What, if any, action Sandilands’ bosses at radio 104.1 2Day FM, which broadcast the show, will take against Sandilands and co-host Jackie O remains to be seen.

10 thoughts on “Australia: Shock as Kyle Sandilands Quizzes 14 Year Old Rape Victim on Air”

  1. OMG….that has nothin to do with kyle and jackie-o. That is all the moms fault, and i dont call that interegating either! once she came out about being raped they did the right thing and even footed the bill for any counciling

  2. I think the blame should be placed majorly on the mother. Yes, she knew and yes she still asked. How could any mother do that to her own child?

    Jackie O and Kyle seemed to handle the situation pretty well, but what the hell were they thinking when they decided that it was a good idea to interview a 14 year old about her sex life or drug use on live radio?? They have to take some responsibility for placing a young lady in a 3 against 1 situation against her will. she probably went along with the radio because she trusted her mother!

  3. What a joke!
    How is it that Kyle or Jackie can be blamed for this? They obviously had no idea about what had happened to the little girl and it came totally out of left field. Unlike the stupid cow mother who knew, didn’t tell them and still asked her daughter the question!

    As far as I’m concerned, neither of the co hosts did ANYTHING wrong, in fact, I believe they handled themselves very well. How can they be held responsible for things that their guests say or keep from them???

    At least now the poor little girl is going to get some counseling. Something that I doubt her stupid mother would have organized otherwise.

  4. In Australia, Kyle Sandilands is often seen as being one of the “villains” or Aussie pop-culture. He presented himself as the Australian version of Simon Cowell in Australian Idol, flipping tables and abusing hopefuls. His stint on Big Brother didn’t help him either, it was embarrassing to listen to the questions he raised to evicted housemates. But really, the man calls himself the “hardman” of Australian radio – he’s clearly just an idiot. Australians love to blame the idiot, especially if that idiot thinks he’s better than sliced bread. If I could be honest, I would say that it was the mother of the girl who is to blame here. I could be wrong, but I believe she was laughing after the controversial answer to the question…

  5. Kyle Sandilands is another of a host of right wing philistine shock jocks that poison our society with their vile brand of misanthropic and often racist bile. The problem lies in the fact that the government and the media are controlled by the likes of Murdoch and Packer, who utilize their stranglehold on the media and government to promote their personal agendas. This means we are inundated by right wing propaganda and philistinism,inluding the garbage they attempt to pass off as entertainment.

    Itâ€s all part of dumbing down and desensitizing the masses in an epoch of war and economic crisis as they are sticking to us.

    Look at shows like the biggest looser and masterchef. These shows are just an excuse to put people under extreme pressure by putting them into difficult situations and watch the explosions. Its all about vilification degredation and shock treatment.

    Kyle Sandilands is one of a host of intellectual and moral bankrupts (Andrew Bolte, Janet Albrechsten, Michelle Grattan and Clive James)they we are to believe represent mainstream thought.

    As long as finance capital controls our lives nothing will change. Name a single politician that isnâ€t a grasping moral and culture bankrupt.

    • “The biggest loser” and “masterchef” – what a wonderful juxtapositioning of programming – do they follow each other in the schedule?

      I can name several politicians who aren’t morally bankrupt. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have heard of them.

  6. The media seem to be trying some “shock jocking” tactics of their own. I recommend that people listen to the actual recording rather than base their views on what they have read. Kyle is silent throughout 99% of the interview yet he is scapegoated? The mother (who knew her daughter had been raped) asked her daughter on a National radio program if she had ever had sex??? DOCS?

  7. Two things, firstly, why is it Sandilands facing the firing squad only when there are two DJs on the show? Even this headline doesnt mention Jackie O at all. Why is that? Is it because he is male and the media here thinks its alright to target males like that and not women? Is it because it’s funny to target him? I’d really like to know. It is both of their shows, they both ask the questions, she in fact did more talking than him, yet he is the only one being mentioned for this. Why?

    Secondly, having heard the segment, I really dont think they are at fault. As DJs they are not responsible for what their guests say on air.

    • Sandilands does not “face the firing squad” here – the lack of a mention for “Jackie O” in the headline can be explained for two very important reasons:

      1) Jackie O is generally regarded to be short for Jackie Onassis, and this is an international publication – a more confusing headline is therefore avoided.

      2) Sandilands has more international exposure, and is therefore of more interest globally than his co-host.

      That they are jointly culpable is certain, along with the production team and radio station itself, however, he is not “the only one being mentioned” within The Global Herald’s article on this matter (above) – there are two or more references to his co-host “Jackie O”.

      Many reports you read elsewhere may not be as balanced, however, that is outside of our control.

  8. To be honest, having heard the recording, I thought it was handled pretty well. I see no reason for the DJs involved to get in any trouble. The revelation that the girl had been raped clearly came out of left field, and they did everything that could reasonably be expected of them. They ended the segment, and offered counselling at their expense.

    If they’re going to keep the “Lie Detector” segment going, I would just suggest they don’t put anyone under the age of 18 in the hot seat any more.


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