Music: UK Christmas Number One 2009 Announced Today

Cliff Richard - Christmas Number 1 Three Times
Cliff Richard - Three Times UK Christmas Number 1

The UK pop music charts for the much fought over “Christmas Number One” title for 2009 are revealed this evening, following one of the most publicised battles of recent years.

The UK Christmas Number One for 2009 is very close. Despite the Xmas Number 1 title being claimed by the winner of television talent search, X Factor, for each of the past four years, a concerted internet campaign, begun on social network Facebook, has seen a huge number of sales for a surprise re-entry to the UK charts: Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”.

The Facebook campaign to push RATM to the top of the Christmas chart was set up with the prime objective of preventing this year’s X Factor winner Joe McElderry making it five in a row for Simon Cowell’s franchise.

Joe McElderry sings “The Climb” a song originally released by Miley Cyrus in 2009.

Rage Against the Machine have “Killing in the Name” – a track from 1992 which was originally created to highlight institutional racism within US police forces, but was presumably selected as an alternative to the mainstream X Factor track for its non-family friendly refrain “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”.

All eyes – and ears – will be tuned in for the official announcement of the UK Christmas Number 1 which will take place first this evening at around 7pm GMT on BBC Radio One.

The question is, will it be RATM or Joe McElderry who claims the 2009 crown?

35 thoughts on “Music: UK Christmas Number One 2009 Announced Today”

  1. Indeed. I’m a guy, but I’m over 30 and I and my friends (male and female) were moshing our heads off to Rage when it was cutting edge. Pre-Slipknot there was Korn, pre-Korn there was Rage, and all throughout, and even pre-Rage there was us their supporting the records and going to the concerts. Don’t cherish the history but blanket-slag the people who lived through it.

  2. Is it true? Both RATM and Simon Cowell are connected with SONY? How funny if that is the case! Christmas bonus for all at SONY this year eh?

      • I’ve always been a fan of RATM’s track…

        But I also think X-Factor and similar pop Idol format shows do something great for the music industry… giving talented artists the opportunity to realise their dreams.

        To say they have nothing to do with music is a little harsh… it takes an enormous amount of talent to wow an audience with a live performance…

        It’s not like they’re picking out another purely manufactured lip sync act like Britney, these artists can really sing… and those who say otherwise, I’d love them to show us how to do it better.

        If X-factor’ll can bring us the likes of Leona Lewis, then I say good on them…

  3. Graham, although I agree with your sentiments, your remarks about ‘girls’ and women aged 30-40 are lazy stereotypes. In fact, they remind me of Joe’s comments about “grandmas” not liking RATM. I’d just like to point out that today’s 30+ year olds were teens when Killing in the Name was 1st out and there are plenty of grandmothers in their late 40s who are of an age to have been punks back in the day and thus grasp something about not doing what you’re told. We aren’t an homegenous group who’ve had some kind of Stepford Wives lobotomy. Some of us retain our engagement with planet earth – and even a sense of humour if we’re lucky.

  4. I think it’s rather ironic that both camps have fallen into the same trap (personally I’m in the RATM camp). I know alot of people who have just brought the RATM song as a 2 finger salute to the X Factor production line even though they don’t really like the song and I’m also very aware that the X Factor drone was available to pre order even before a winner was announced meaning some people really didn’t care who it was as long as it was X Factor.
    Surely this means that both groups are guilty fixing the Christmas number one.
    Bring back the likes of Mr Blobby, at least then we had some kind of true reflection (albiet in that case a very sad one) of what the public wanted to hear at the time.

  5. F off Jordan, Joe deserves shit.
    RATM didn’t have Cheryl Cole and Simon Beaver face Cowell to get them where they are today.
    Fuck your Corporate Music, people have spoken.. Joe’s a glorified Kareoke Singer.
    That Noise as you call it was a song to fight Institutionalised Racism in the Police Force; More important than some sad little Geordie shit Karaoke Singer!

    • and The X Factor is just a cash in to Simon Cowell, he couldn’t care less about his here today gone tomorrow acts. Joe doesen’t deserve anything for selling his soul and conforming to what ridiculous shows like The X Factor require. The X Factor is nothing to do with helping discover talent.

  6. I really hope RATM wins
    why should the x-factor winner get Christmas number one with a dire song and then never be heard of again, every single person to win x-factor are shit which had their careers handed to them on a plate.
    Plus all profits RATM get go to their Charity which is more than what Joe would do.

  7. I wonder if this all a scam by Sony to sell more records- both tracks are on Sony labels. As an Englishman, I find X-Factor Joe’s song trite and I won’t be buying it. But neither will I buy RATM’s track, after all they make it clear in the chorus “I won’t do what you tell me.” Nothing beats the Pogues for Christmas cheer.

  8. An X-factor song has been number one for about 3-4 years running now, & it’s just boring
    The Climb wasn’t a great song originally, it’s a cover of a very mediocre song, which is just pathetic

    It’s not about Rage being from 1992 it’s what the song stands for, it stands for not following what everyone else is doing & the nation have been voting on x-factor for months, Your all sheep! Get a grip!

    • But what you don’t realise is that by supporting RATM you are doing exactly what someone has told you to do, So who is the sheep now. You are all pathetic. People wanted Joe to win because he is a good singer. You wanted RATM to win just so that joe wouldn’t win and not because the song deserves to win

  9. Amy – all Joe is is a glorified karaoke singer; there are 1000s with a voice as good as his who can copy a song. Killing in the Name has history and poignancy behind its lyrics. A protest against 5 police officers half beating a black man to death and then getting set free from court despite being caught clearly on camera doing it. Good for RATM; it is fair and long may meaningful music triumph over Cowbell’s karaoke renditions.

    • Spot on Graham.

      Rage wrote, performed and sang there song.

      Karaoke singer is spot on, loads of them about all a bit talented but a celebrity? Nah

  10. unfair and wrong, get a grip!

    i hope real rock music with a real meaning, triumphs over pre-fabricated utter dross from the x-factor camp.

  11. Nothing against Joe, but he is going to be seven different shades of rich. I have a feeling he would get by, not winning the Christmas number one 🙂

  12. Joe McElderry, is probably the best winner of the X-Factor and RATM is from 1992 so for it to be re-entered and nearly take the title away from Joe is just unfair and wrong!

    • i think you fell to see the point x factor is a show which takes other people music and ruins it if joe had any talent at all he’d be able to write and ruin his own song but he didn’t so to quote someone with talent “fuck you i won’t do what you tell me”

      • what kind of a reply is that? ‘you’re wrong’ at least give some sort of evidence to back up your opinion or it means nothing why should anyone listen to someone who doesn’t have a reason for what they’re arguing for and it wouldn’t make them change opinion

    • How is it wrong? All the X factor christmas number ones have been covers. This one being a flop only a few months ago. Joe is a good singer, if perfectly good is what float’s your boat. I find it boring, with no individuality + none of the winners have any writing skills. RATM wrote, sang and played there song, something joe will never ever be able to do.

    • Amy; Joe isn’t even a patch on Leona Lewis and is only a shade different to that other karaoke star from X Factor, Shane Ward (who I hear you say!)

      Why is it wrong for RATM to be re-entered and claim the number 1 spot. Joe’s ‘music’ appeals to girls and 30-40 year old women who find him ‘cute’. As for ‘nearly take the title away’ I hope they take it away by a landslide.

      I can’t wait until next year as there’ll be another anti-X Factor song released that will doo the same…and I will buy it. RATM are a worldwide, reknowned band who have had hits and million-selling albums since 1992. Joe McElderry will be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

      • Hey, I am a 30-40 year old woman who bought the RATM track and has had her bit of stick the last 5 weeks for speakingg against the Cowel’s machinery. More respect!

      • Hey, more respect! I am a 30-40 yearold woman who bought the RATM track and has had her share of stick the last 4 weeks for speaking against the Cowel’s machinery.

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