Xbox Apologizes for Gameplay Controversy – IGN News Live – 05/08/2020

In this IGN News Live, among other things, is an apology from Xbox following backlash about their Inside Xbox Next-Gen controversy.

It’s Friday, and that means it’s The Juice Goose Is Loose Day for the gang here at IGN News Live! In case this is your first time joining us, that means drinking is allowed. Only the gaming gods know how the description expanded thus. So get loose, and join us to discuss Microsoft’s response to the backlash following their first Inside Xbox Next-Gen hype-stravaganza yesterday, the age-old question of how much better graphics can possibly get, and ogle a cancelled Prince of Persia game, some Nintendo spin-offs that never made it into production, the first screens from the upcoming Doom Eternal campaign DLC, and, if you can believe such a thing, EVEN MORE.

Plus stay tuned after the show for the other show, Up at Noon, at 5! That’s 5pm PST (noon Fiji time), immediately following this show, for an hour-long chat with Max Scoville and Brian Altano, with special guest Mike Drucker!

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