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    It’s certainly not a secret that the entire games industry is experiencing its own #metoo movement – and today, we’re talking about how that movement has hit Ubisoft. Developers and industry vets are coming forward with even more tales of assault, harassment, and an overall unhealthy (and in some cases, unsafe) work environment. It’s become an all too common stream of testimonies and hardship – however, what is rare is a company like Ubisoft taking decisive action against its implicit executive and managing leadership. Kudos to them for removing two executives and their now former head of HR just a day(?) before the big Ubisoft Forward games showcase. While this was broadly seen as a win by Ubisoft employees and the industry as whole, it was an interesting decision for Ubisoft not to include a mention of the initiative. We’ve got our takes on this choice on today’s IG Daily.

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