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  • Today we talk about some BIG praise laid upon Ghost Of Tsushima by none other than Toshihiro Nagoshi, the executive director of the Yakuza games. Well deserved! We also discuss the Marvel’s Avengers beta coming soon, Sony’s huge sales expectations for the PS5, possible PS5 swappable side plates??? And more! Like… G4 is coming back? Ahhh 2020, you never cease to amaze us. Thanks for hanging out on today’s roundup!

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    [GameSpot] Ghost Of Tsushima Has Sold Faster Than Any Other New IP On PS4 https://bit.ly/3gpXbEg
    [Video Games Chronicle] Ghost of Tsushima breaks PlayStation sales record in Japan https://bit.ly/2XaE7m5
    [Games Industry dot biz] PlayStation Japan warns of Ghost of Tsushima stock shortage https://bit.ly/2Xb0qYO
    [Kotaku] Yakuza Director Praises Ghost of Tsushima, Says Japan Should’ve Made It https://bit.ly/338hEK2
    [Engadget] ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ update adds ultra-difficult ‘Lethal’ mode https://engt.co/3113AiV
    [Eurogamer] Crystal Dynamics details its sizeable Marvel’s Avengers beta, coming in August https://bit.ly/2PbQ6LP
    [Youtube, Marvel UK] Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage https://bit.ly/3fkLVYQ
    [Youtube, Marvel’s Avengers] Hawkeye Disappoints the Avengers – SNL https://bit.ly/3gfGYS6
    [TechSpot] Best-selling console ever? PS5 sales could reach 170 million during its 5-year lifespan, destroying the Xbox Series X https://bit.ly/3jUV11P
    [MCVUK] Over half of gamers intend to buy a next-gen console within three months of launch – with the PS5 the clear favourite https://bit.ly/2DnkMao
    [The Game Post] PS5’s White Plates Are Swappable, Leaked Images Suggest https://bit.ly/310hp17
    [Twitter] @G4TV https://bit.ly/2DkkK2Z
    [Destructoid] G4 TV is getting set to return in 2021 https://bit.ly/30aX6yQ
    [PC Gamer] Metal Gear Solid 5’s seemingly impossible nuclear disarmament condition has been achieved https://bit.ly/3jWE8ni
    [Youtube, Steff] Nuclear disarmament achieved in MGSV on PS3 (July 27 2020) https://bit.ly/31gEBIL

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