EA Sued Over FIFA Ultimate Team Packs

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YES WE HAVE ANOTHER LOOT BOXES ARE ENDING STORY. Aaaand this one ALSO involves a lawsuit. We’ll get ’em one day fellas and gellas. Join us for the details on today’s IG Daily!

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[Video Games Chronicle] EA faces a class action lawsuit over Ultimate Team ‘loot boxes’ https://bit.ly/3aAIfkC
[Games Industry dot biz] Class action lawsuit brought against Apple over loot boxes https://bit.ly/2CGDycI
[State of California] Illegal Gambling Devices https://bit.ly/2EgmNoY
[Casino dot org] EA Hits Almost $1 Billion in Microtransactions, Gets Slapped with Lawsuit Over FIFA 20 Team Packs https://bit.ly/2Qa19Fz
[TweakTown] Activision earns $956 million from microtransactions in Q1 2020 https://bit.ly/3aD8K92
[Casino dot org] EA Sports Buckles Under Belgian Gambling Prosecution Threat, Removes Paid Loot Boxes in FIFA https://bit.ly/3kSp8HE
[IGN] The Netherlands Starts Enforcing Its Loot Box Ban https://bit.ly/2YbtDDv
[Video Games Chronicle] The House of Lords has urged the UK government to reclassify loot boxes as gambling https://bit.ly/2EdYJTM

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