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    It’s been a few weeks since one of Twitch’s largest streamers was removed from the platform without explanation. Dr. Disrespect himself still claims he doesn’t know why he’s been banned but plans to continue forward with other career aspirations. Another unsolved game mystery has also recently been given a little more light. Ubisoft’s noticeably absent game Skull & Bones has reportedly been rebooted. There’s no release date yet, but fret not, there’s more good gaming news on the way. It looks like the Uncharted movie is really going to happen and Stadia is actually going to get some exclusives. Okay, we’ll take that last one how you will but you have to admit watching Brian do a 5-Second Review for Ghost of Tsushima is probably gonna be pretty fun. Thanks for watching the Weekend Roundup and have a great weekend – from your friends here at Inside Gaming.

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