Brenda Blethyn is Back – Series 3 of “Vera” Starts Sunday 25 August 2013

Vera Stanhope and Joe Ashworth

Brenda Blethyn is back as “Vera” the country detective from the North East of England. Series three of the popular detective drama begins on Sunday 25th August 2013 on ITV.

Inspired by the crime novels and characters of Ann Cleeves, the series follows the exploits of Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope and Detective Sergeant Joe Ashworth (David Leon).

Episode One is entitled “Castles in the Air” and contrasts the rugged pastime of “lamping” with a modern holiday pod development at the scene of an unusual gun shot murder.

The opportunistic crime piques Vera’s interest and she keeps an unusually open mind when the finger is initially pointed at a local badger hunter and taxidermist, Robert Doran (Richard Riddell).

Brenda Blethyn said of the return to screens:

“As a high ranking detective at Northumberland and City Police Vera is unconventional. If you met her in the street or at the supermarket you wouldn’t think for one moment she was a detective. She’s dishevelled and has very little glamour or luxuries in her life. She rarely looks in a mirror! Vera is driven purely by her work and as a consequence seeks justice and worthiness in everything she does.

“There’s no vanity or ego with Vera and I love that.”

Vera is watched in Belgium, Denmark, Finland and the United States with an average audience of 6.4 million viewers.

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