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Entertainment: Kanye West Stuns MTV Awards, Interrupting Taylor Swift Speech

Kanye West stunned the entertainment world at last night’s MTV Awards when he interrupted star Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in order to inform the packed auditorium, and millions of TV viewers that “Beyonce made one of the best videos of all time.”

The outburst is the latest of a long list of occassions when Mr West has felt his opinion more important than that of his peers in the music industry.

Luckily, Beyonce Knowles demonstrated more decorum and decency, and allowed Ms Swift to “have her moment” by inviting her onto the stage subsequently.

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  1. Well Kanye has made his opinion nation wide once again. I do believe he did this for publlicity this time. Just look at the music industry as of now. Kanye is not really the talk. So to get the spotlight on him once again this is what he pulls. Trust me no matter if we talk good or bad he will continue to make money off the comments.

  2. his music isn’t crappy (well, his last album was…) but anyway, he is beyond untrained in how he acts in public. noone should be “proud” of him for that

  3. you’re an idiot. he is the rudest person ever. i hope everyone stops listening to his crappy music.

  4. kanye you made us proud you really know how to put on a show

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