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Dubai: Interpol Wanted List for Mossad Assassination Suspects

INTERPOL is to join a Dubai-based international task force investigating the murder of Palestinian national and Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on 19 January 2010. At the request of UAE/Dubai authorities, the world police body has also issued a further 16 Red Notices  to assist in the arrest of additional suspects now linked to the murder of Al-Mabhouh, bringing the total to 27.

DNA evidence and other information relating to the assassination of the senior Hamas official has been entered onto the international police database at INTERPOL.

The case first came to light when allegedly false British passports were reported to have been used by Israeli special ops service, Mossad, to engineer the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

The suspects appeared to have brazenly allowed CCTV footage of their faces whilst checking into the hotel where al-Moubhouh was killed. This raises questions about whether the group were just sloppy or whether they had good reason to expect impunity regardless of being identified.

The latest Red Notices issued are for the following suspects:

Alias: Roy Allan Cannon
Alias: Mark Daniel Sklar
Alias Gabriela Barney
Alias: Stephen Keith Drake
Alias: Daniel Marc Schnur
Alias: Philip Carr
Alias: Chester Halvey
Alias: Anna Shauna Clasby
Alias: Ivy Brinton
Alias: Adam Marcus Korman
Alias: Nicole Sandra McCabe
Alias: Joshua Daniel Bruce
Alias: Joshua Aaron Krycer
Alias: David Bernard Lapierre
Alias: Melanie Heard
Alias Eric Rassineux

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or movements of those people shown above, please contact your local or national police force.

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