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Downton Abbey, Episode 5, ITV 9pm Sunday 24th October 2010

Downton Abbey starts to get complicated as each of the characters in this lavish period drama begins to roll-out their own designs on life and for each other.

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Mrs Crawley upsets the Dowager Countess once more by suggesting that an unfair advantage is afforded to Her Ladyship whilst mixing in the village. Mary upsets Mr Crawley in a childish act of rivalry with her embittered sister Edith. Thomas and O’Brien make yet more plans to set up Bates and make him lose his job. Meanwhile, Daisy is caught in the cross fire as selfish schemes exploit her vulnerable position.

Cybil seems the only person who looks outside of herself to try and help those around her. Whilst concerned about her developing politics, the Earl is looking forward to presenting his cheerful and kind youngest daughter for her first season in society.

Another exhilarating turn through the politics, history and costume of the early 20th Century. Set in 1914, this episode features an open Rolls Royce and a working horse and cart as well as the tension created by the movement for women’s suffrage.

Downton Abbey is a true blockbuster of a series and numbers look set to increase from the record 8 million who have so far tuned in each week.

Episode five of Downton Abbey airs at 9pm on Sunday 24th October on ITV1.

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