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Downton Abbey, Episode 4, ITV 9pm Sunday 17th October 2010

Footmen: Thomas and Carson in Downton Abbey © ITV

The fair is in town and spirits are high for those with love on their mind. Mrs Hughes has a date and Daisy is ecstatic at being asked out. For those at Downton who are grieving and ill, there is warmth and comfort on hand from the extended family of servants.

The Countesses continue to plot for the benefit of the estate leading to embarassment for the harassed men. The Dowager Countess also regains the upper hand over her new opponent, Mrs Crawley, on matters of medical knowledge.

Many of the women of the household begin to keenly feel the frustration of their position in which marriage is a key factor deciding their lifestyle and prospects.

Is Mr Bates interested in Anna? Will the women join the campaign for the vote? and will Daisy ever figure out what “troubled soul” means?

Rob James-Collier shines as the dastardly footman, with cunning and an evil glare in his eye.

Downton Abbey, episode 4, will air on ITV1 at 9pm on Sunday 17th October 2010.

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