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DJ Yoda to Play New Year’s Eve in the O2 Arena, London

DJ Yoda, the renowned hip-hop DJ, will play New Year’s Eve at the O2 Arena as part of the CIRQUE! event organised by Proud.

The pioneering turntable teaser will use a stunning array of AV technology to mash video and TV into his set creating a spectacle for clubbers and fans at the huge arena. Festivities are expected to go on until 6am.

The night will also see Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays make an appearance along with Filthy Few who will headline the main room. Faze Action, Justin Robertson, Thomas Gandey and Guy Williams will fill the second room.

A burlesque dress code and circus backdrop will put party-goers in the mood for entertainment from the Black Magic Show and the Fuel Girls, an artistic collective comprising aerialists, fire-breathers, angle grinders, trapeze artists and tattooed snake-charming models. Jugglers and contortionists will also be on hand to make sure that the fun continues right into 2011.

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