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David Attenborough – Desert Seas – Monday 18th July 2011 at 8pm

Desert seas explores the contrasting make-up of the waters on either side of the Arabian peninsula.

To the West of Mecca on the Saudi Arabian coast is the Red Sea. Deep waters support a thin sliver of coral life with predatory schools of fish and symbiotic relationships between species. Colourful fish and exotic coral structures contrast with an emptiness that pervades below the shelf.

To the East of Mecca are the sandy, shallow and warm waters of the Persian Gulf are covered with sea grasses which feed large turtles. Sand storms bring nutrients which support fish for the flocks of cormorants that breed on the collections of sandy islands.

Narrated by the grandfather of documentary voice-overs, David Attenborough, Desert Seas is as far away from phone hacking and scandal as you will get on UK television this evening.

See Desert Seas on National Geographic Wild at 8pm on Monday 18th July 2011.

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