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Cyber Security: InZero Claims Invincibility

InZero, an American computer antivirus company has announced the impermeability of their latest product, the InZero PC Gateway.

Claiming 20 million hack attempts with a zero break-through rate, the company wheeled out the big wigs to celebrate:

InZero CEO and co-founder Louis R. Hughes, former president of Lockheed Martin and head of international operations for General Motors, said:

“Nothing like this had ever been done before. Hackers were given an unprecedented level of access to the protected computer. None could get through. The InZero system proved totally successful.”

General Wesley Clark, former NATO Commander and Chairman of InZero’s Advisory Board added that the hardware-based InZero system is:

“Vitally important for the protection of the nation’s cyber security and critical infrastructure. It has been thoroughly tested. It is available. And it is affordable.”

The company claims that nearly 25 million hacking attempts have been made from every continent, and from over 100 of countries ranging from Russia, China and Brazil to India and Indonesia, after an invitation was made to hackers in June.

The product was also tested by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

If you would like to attempt to hack into InZero’s computers, go to http://www.inzerosystems.com/challenge/

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