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Cricket: Australia Claim Unlikely Victory Over Pakistan

Mike Hussey celebrates with his Australian teammates

Australia recorded an unlikely victory over touring Pakistan in Sydney today after the visitors had put themselves in a match winning position requiring just 175 for the victory.

Australia owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mike Hussey (134) who helped save their second innings with a record-breaking ninth wicket stand of 123 in partnership with Peter Siddle (38).

The hosts looked to be dead from the start of this test match as they won the toss and captain Ricky Ponting elected to bat first before the team was all out for just 127 from 44.2 overs. That the top scorer in the first innings was bowler Mitchell Johnson with 38 tells its own story.

Pakistan piled on 333 in their first innings, with Butt adding a top score 71 and the whole team but 10 and 11 contributing double figure runs in a reasonable performance with the bat.

Australia then came out and all-but collapsed again – but for Hussey’s 134 their eventual score of 381 would have instead left a tiny total for Pakistan to chase in the fourth innings. Opener Watson’s impressive 97 was the only other performance of merit in an otherwise lackluster innings with the bat.

The Pakistan wicket keeper, Kamran Akmal, will be disappointed with his performance as he dropped Hussey three times in the third day – all from the bowling of leg-spinner Danish Kaneria. The keeper also dropped Siddle.

As it was, requiring just 175 on a wicket that looked to be holding up pretty well seemed well within the Pakistan side. However, Mitchell Johnson (3-27) and Hauritz (5-53) put in a magnificent bowling performance which saw Australia begin to ramp up the pressure on the visitors in the manner only they can.

Eventually, Pakistan crumbled to 139 all out in just 39 overs which saw Australia record a momentous victory and claim an insurmountable 2-0 series lead with just one test remaining.

Pakistan will rue the number of missed chances both with the wicketkeeper’s gloves and when set a relatively simple run chase with plenty of time. They will view this as a missed opportunity after all the good first innings work. Instead of heading to Hobart with it all to play for, they have lost the series by failing to convert numerous opportunities in day three and four.

Australia, on the other hand, will have their tails up heading into the remaining test match at Hobart – Pakistan will have it all to do to avoid a series whitewash.

Australia v Pakistan 2nd Test (SCG) Scorecard

Australia beat Pakistan by 36 runs

Australia won the toss and decided to bat

Australia 1st Innings: 127 all out (44.2 overs)

Australia 2nd Innings: 381 all out (125.4 overs)

Pakistan 1st Innings: 333 all out (96.5 overs)

Pakistan 2nd Innings: 139 all out (38.0 overs)

Pakistan second innings
Batsman  RunsBalls4s6s
Imran Farhatc M G Johnsonb D E Bollinger22255
Salman Buttc B J Haddinb M G Johnson21314
Faisal Iqbalc B J Haddinb M G Johnson791
Mohammad Yousuf c&b N M Hauritz19284
Umar Akmalc M G Johnsonb D E Bollinger49816
Misbah-ul-Haqc M E K Husseyb N M Hauritz02
Kamran Akmalc B J Haddinb M G Johnson11151
Mohammad Samic B J Haddinb N M Hauritz218
Umar Gulc P M Siddleb N M Hauritz6121
Danish Kaneriac S R Watsonb N M Hauritz08
Mohammad Asif not out00
Extras0b 0lb 1w 1nb 0pens2 
TOTAL:all out , 38 overs139 
Fall of wickets: 1-34 (34 Imran Farhat, 28 mins), 2-50 (16 Faisal Iqbal, 19 mins), 3-51 (1 Salman Butt, 6 mins), 4-77 (26 Mohammad Yousuf, 28 mins), 5-77 (0 Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 mins), 6-103 (26 Kamran Akmal, 26 mins), 7-133 (30 Mohammad Sami, 34 mins), 8-133 (0 Akmal, 21 mins), 9-135 (2 Kaneria, 9 mins), 10-139 (4 Umar Gul, 1 mins)
D E Bollinger123322
P M Siddle41270
N M Hauritz121535
M G Johnson102273
Australia second innings
Batsman  RunsBalls4s6s
S R Watsonc Faisal Iqbalb Umar Gul97158113
P J Hughes c&b Danish Kaneria37835
R T Pontingc Faisal Iqbalb Umar Gul1121
M E K Hussey not out13428416
M J Clarkelbwb Mohammad Asif2140
M J Northc Faisal Iqbalb Danish Kaneria29
B J Haddinlbwb Danish Kaneria15251
M G Johnson b Danish Kaneria36
N M Hauritzc Misbah-ul-Haqb Umar Gul415
P M Siddlec Misbah-ul-Haqb Mohammad Asif381172
D E Bollinger b Danish Kaneria01
Extras6b 5lb 3w 5nb 0pens19 
TOTAL:all out , 125.4 overs381 
Fall of wickets: 1-105 (105 Hughes, 147 mins), 2-144 (39 Ponting, 38 mins), 3-159 (15 Watson, 26 mins), 4-217 (58 Clarke, 64 mins), 5-226 (9 North, 15 mins), 6-246 (20 Haddin, 39 mins), 7-252 (6 Johnson, 8 mins), 8-257 (5 Hauritz, 11 mins), 9-380 (123 Siddle, 209 mins), 10-381 (1 Bollinger, 2 mins)
Mohammad Asif278532
Mohammad Sami19.54740
Umar Gul284833
Danish Kaneria47.531515
Imran Farhat3090
Pakistan first innings
Batsman  RunsBalls4s6s
Imran Farhatc B J Haddinb N M Hauritz531404
Salman Buttc B J Haddinb M G Johnson711649
Faisal Iqbalc S R Watsonb P M Siddle27863
Mohammad Yousufc B J Haddinb M G Johnson46568
Umar Akmallbwb D E Bollinger49489
Misbah-ul-Haqc B J Haddinb D E Bollinger11251
Kamran Akmalc S R Watsonb D E Bollinger14133
Mohammad Samic B J Haddinb S R Watson13242
Umar Gulc D E Bollingerb S R Watson12222
Danish Kaneriac M E K Husseyb D E Bollinger49
Mohammad Asif not out04
Extras2b 16lb 5w 10nb 0pens33 
TOTAL:all out , 96.5 overs333 
Fall of wickets: 1-109 (109 Imran Farhat, 184 mins), 2-144 (35 Salman Butt, 62 mins), 3-205 (61 Faisal Iqbal, 59 mins), 4-237 (32 Mohammad Yousuf, 19 mins), 5-277 (40 Akmal, 47 mins), 6-286 (9 Misbah-ul-Haq, 9 mins), 7-295 (9 Kamran Akmal, 6 mins), 8-323 (28 Umar Gul, 29 mins), 9-331 (8 Mohammad Sami, 12 mins), 10-333 (2 Kaneria, 1 mins)
D E Bollinger21.55724
P M Siddle224621
M G Johnson202642
S R Watson174402
N M Hauritz163771
Australia first innings
Batsman  RunsBalls4s6s
S R Watsonc Kamran Akmalb Mohammad Sami6241
P J Hughesc Faisal Iqbalb Mohammad Sami010
R T Pontingc Umar Gulb Mohammad Sami01
M E K Husseyc Misbah-ul-Haqb Mohammad Asif28524
M J Clarke b Mohammad Asif330
M J Northc Kamran Akmalb Mohammad Asif10172
B J Haddinc Mohammad Yousufb Mohammad Asif69
M G Johnsonc Imran Farhatb Mohammad Asif385751
N M Hauritz b Mohammad Asif21373
P M Siddle not out113
D E Bollinger b Umar Gul9192
Extras1b 2lb 1w 1nb 0pens5 
TOTAL:all out , 44.2 overs127 
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (2 Hughes, 15 mins), 2-2 (0 Ponting, 1 mins), 3-10 (8 Watson, 24 mins), 4-36 (26 Clarke, 50 mins), 5-51 (15 Hussey, 19 mins), 6-51 (0 North, 6 mins), 7-62 (11 Haddin, 8 mins), 8-106 (44 Hauritz, 52 mins), 9-117 (11 Johnson, 21 mins), 10-127 (10 Bollinger, 19 mins)
Mohammad Asif206416
Mohammad Sami124273
Umar Gul10.20381
Danish Kaneria20180

Australia won the toss and decided to bat

Umpires: E A R de Silva, B R Doctrove
P J Hughes , S R Watson , R T Ponting (capt) , M E K Hussey , M J Clarke , M J North , B J Haddin (wkt) , M G Johnson , N M Hauritz , D E Bollinger , P M Siddle
Salman Butt , Imran Farhat , Faisal Iqbal , Mohammad Yousuf (capt) , Umar Akmal , Misbah-ul-Haq , Kamran Akmal (wkt) , Umar Gul , Mohammad Sami , Mohammad Asif , Danish Kaneria

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