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Cote d’Ivoire: Civilians Seek Refuge in Abidjan Showdown

As the two opposing forces in Cote d’Ivoire prepare for a final battle in the capital of Abidjan, civilians are seeking refuge in embassies and foreigners are leaving via the French Licorne (Unicorn) Force controlled airport.

French and Lebanese nationals have flown to Dakar in Senegal to seek safety but there are still around 12,000 French citizens in the West African coastal nation. France has committed to evacuating its citizens. The meeting points for French citizens in Abidjan are the Hotel Wafou on South Bridge and the French Embassy in the North

Around 150,000 Ivorian refugees are seeking safety in Liberia and around 5,000 are sheltering in Ghana.

The UN has evacuated 200 staff from its HQ to a rebel held town. In the midst of the fighting, reports have emerged of a massacre of at least 800 civilians, though full details of who is responsible are unclear. Control of state owned TV has switched hands twice in the last few weeks with both sides publishing propaganda via TV and radio.

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