Coronavirus Survivor Says She Didn’t Think She Would Survive | Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain in the UK covered the story of Tara Langston, an otherwise healthy British woman who ended up in intensive care after contracting the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Tara Langston was a fit healthy 39-year-old woman before she contracted coronavirus and ended up in intensive care.

Tara filmed herself making a plea to the nation to take the virus seriously, describing her symptoms like she felt like she has glass in her lungs.

Tara Langston is now out of intensive care and recovering well.

Broadcast on 26/03/2020

Good Morning Britain YouTube Channel

Some commentators on social media claimed that she was “fake” and that this “didn’t happen” – as ever, the vitriol on social media has shown itself to be unhelpful and unkind. What do you think? Leave a comment, below.

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