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Business Desk: business@theglobalherald.com
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Lifestyle Desk: lifestyle@theglobalherald.com
News Desk: news@theglobalherald.com
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Rights Department: rights@theglobalherald.com
Accounts Payable: accounts.payable@theglobalherald.com

Individual writers may be contacted using the contact details on their author page.

Postal Address

Correspondence is preferred by electronic mail and if you are sending promotional material, please get in touch first so that we can direct your package to the most appropriate writer or reviewer.

The registered office for The Global Herald’s parent company, Silicon Dales Ltd, is as follows:

Silicon Dales, Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW

Please mark any post sent to this address “The Global Herald c/o Silicon Dales Ltd”.