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Colorado Intercepts Gambling Winnings for Court Ordered Restitution

In the State of Colorado, United States, the Department of Revenue will now begin intercepting gambling winnings of more than $1,200 for those who owe court-ordered restitution to crime victims.

Casino and racetrack winnings have already been targeted since 2008 for the recovery of child support payments. Louisiana and Indiana followed the example of Colorado and the success of the scheme has led to the expansion of the law in Colorado.

Roxy Huber, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Revenue explained:

“This Gambling Intercept Payment system has been extremely successful in recovering delinquent child support payments. To date, Department of Revenue has recovered more than $1.1 million for Colorado’s children.”

Restitution in the State of Colorado is ordered by a court in a criminal case where the defendant’s conduct caused a loss to a person or company. The updated statute came into forceon 1st July 2011.

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