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China Weather: Chinese Expect Further Freeze

Harbin Ice Festival

The UK is not the only country experiencing unusually cold conditions this Winter. China has also been weathering a particularly frosty season which is expected to get even colder this week.

This forecast is available from the Chinese Government English-language portal:

Strong wind and temperature dips up to 12 degrees Celsius are expected in northern and eastern regions in China on Tuesday, the country’s Central Meteorological Station (CMS) said on Monday.

From Monday night until Tuesday night, Inner Mongolia, northwest China, northeast China, and north China are to see strong wind with temperatures falling by 6-8 degrees Celsius.

Some areas in Gansu, Shanxi and Liaoning provinces may see temperatures fall by 10-12 degrees Celsius, according to the CMS.

The CMS also forecast cold weather to continue in north and northeast China, and in some southern regions during the next ten days.

Starting from Thursday, temperatures in eastern parts of the country are expected to rise, the CMS said.

However, visitors to Harbin are not complaining as the annual Harbin Ice Festival started last week and will continue until 25th February. Over 2000 ice sculptures, glowing with electric light displays, are on show. The temperatures in Harbin can drop as low as -30°C and many digital cameras are unable to work. The park  is open from 9am until 10pm at night and costs around 150 yen (or around USD$21).

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