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Caressa Cameron is Miss America 2010 Winner

Caressa Cameron is crowned Miss America

Caressa Cameron, who had been Miss Virginia, was crowned Miss America 2010 at the 2010 Miss America pageant.

The beauty competition winner, aged 22, was crowned at a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Ms Cameron will take home a $50,000 scholarship as first prize.

Miss America is one of the most popular beauty competitions in the United States, however, unlike the “Miss USA” title, its winner does not go on to represent the country at the “Miss Universe” competition.

Caressa Cameron listed her ‘talent’ as singing and her ‘platform’ as AIDS education.

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  1. I have seen prettier girls, nice body, very plain face.

    • Susan Muller even though Miss America is a beauty pagent it is much more than just that. This woman is gorgeous and her personality is even better. She is a genuinely caring person who is fighting for AIDS prevention and awareness… therefore your comment about seeing prettier girls is pointless.

    • women can be so jealous hearted. You totally forgot “talented, educated and the fact that beauty comes from within. You should seek counseling so you can feel better about yourself and not so threaten of other women.

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