British woman arrested after ignoring Tenerife hotel’s coronavirus quarantine rules

British woman arrested in Tenerife ignored quarantine rules

The UK’s Telegraph reporting on a British woman who was arrested in Tenerife after flaunting the rules on coronavirus, and taking a dip in the pool.

A British woman has been arrested in Tenerife after ignoring coronavirus quarantine restrictions.

The tourist was seen swimming in a hotel pool before a Spanish police officer removed her.

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2 thoughts on “British woman arrested after ignoring Tenerife hotel’s coronavirus quarantine rules”

  1. The fines here in Tenerife go up from about 600 euros to about 30,000.
    This whole thing is going to get a lot worse. The lady is an idiot and should get fined a few grand.
    The acts of the irresponsible few endanger the lives of those of us who are doing as we are told and staying at home.

  2. The Spanish government have decreed a state of emergency. The rules apply to both citizens and tourists alike. As a guest in our country this woman behaved very badly. She should abide by the law whether she likes it or not.


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