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Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Final Fight Against Floyd Mayweather?

Manny Pacquiao displays his Title Belts

Boxer Manny Pacquiao will have one last fight, despite winning election to the Phillipine Congress this week, his chief financial advisor, Michael Konzc, has announced.

The fight, which the Pacquiao camp hope will be against either USA boxer Floyd Mayweather, or Mexican Antonio Margarito, will take place in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas, USA, in November 2010.

Pacquiao was due to fight Mayweather in March, but the fight was cancelled after Pacquiao refused to take a blood test requested by the Mayweather camp. Konzc said on this “If Mayweather wants to fight Manny, then no problem, provided he doesn’t try to bully us into terms and conditions.” Suggesting that the fight would only go ahead if the request for a sample were not to be repeated.

Manny Pacquiao has fought 56 times, winning 51 (36 by knockout), drawing 2 and losing just 3 times – over 5 weight categories. Mayweather is unbeaten in 45 bouts (25 knockout victories). The pair are considered in some quarters to be contenders for the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Assuming they can make it happen, the Pacman – Mayweather fight would be one of the most eagerly anticipated bouts of recent years.

Speaking in May, Mayweather was concise: “If Manny takes the test, we can make the fight happen.”

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  1. Pacman already prove himself as one of the greatest boxer in the boxing world.its not all about the money,its all about principle at integrity,so if mayweather has the courage to fight pacman,then he should do it.urine testing is already enough to prove that pacman is clean of any prohibited drug intake.. Go congressman pacquiao!

  2. There’s something not quite right about this whole pac man drugs testing fiasco, for 40 or 50 million dollars i would stick needles in every orphus, so this “have a hard time with taking blood” doesn’t really wash. If the man is clean then come out and prove Floyd and many many others wrong as the refusal to take the test is making him look guilty!

  3. Manny’s team already know what is required of them to fight Floyd and that’s random testing. If they know they won’t be taking the test they need to stop talking about Floyd and just go ahead and take the fight with Margarito for a third of the money. As Floyd has already shown, he doesn’t need Manny to make 40 million. On the other hand I’m hearing Manny just spent 10 million on his campaign so I’m guessing he needs some money right about now. Manny if don’t take the tests then ain’t got no fight. SIMPLES.

  4. manny paccquiao should learn how not to think about fighting king mayweather jr.bicos fighting with pacman will do floyd jr. no good, take blood test , pacman will say am small floyd is bigger dan me, if floyd jr. beat him now people will be saying he is small .floyd is bigger dan him, then tell me where will the honour come if floyd whoop his ass, am small am small every thing am small, then since you know you are small go out there and look for smaller fighter like you and whoop their ass,allow king floyd jr, to have his peace. or you concentrate in your politics, bicos i dont know hw you can run politics and sports at the same time, at the end of the day you will become jack of all trade master of none,how do you think a politician can beat king floyd jr.some thing all professionals in this earth hav never been done.

    • Innocent try talking properly you fool instead of like some kind of wanna be gansta moron. And why your at it try saying something half relevant!

  5. i think pacquaio will agree to the bloodtests anytime, even just before the fight but with one condition–WINNER TAKES ALL!!!

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