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Boxing: David Haye v Audley Harrison – Harrison 3 Stone Heavier at Weigh-in

The boxing world turns its attention to the all British WBA Heavyweight Championship bout between David Haye and Audley Harrison this Saturday, 13th November 2010. At today’s weigh-in, Harrison tipped the scales three stone heavier than Haye.

Audley Harrison weighed in at 18st 1.5lbs (115.23 KGs) while David Haye weighed 15st 0.5lbs (95.68 KGs).

Harrison, at 6ft6.5in is three and a half inches taller than Haye, who stands 6ft3in.

Both Brits have been full of confidence in the lead up to this weekend’s bout, but it was Haye who appeared more vociferous at the weigh-in ahead of the fight, which is due to take place at Manchester’s MEN Arena.

Haye, 30 years old and in the form of his life, said “I’m stronger than I was from the last fight, I’m pushing more weights. I’ve not been cutting corners in the gym, I’ve done everything right.”

Harrison, 39, has appeared to be very much on the downgrade since joining the professional ranks late after winning Olympic Gold. Initial bouts against second-rate opponenets were followed with a failure to step up to World Title level. This fight is considered by many to be his only shot at a world title as time appears to be running out on his career.

As if to dispell this feeling, at the weigh-in, Harrison led his supporters in a rendition of “Yes You Can!”.

Most commentators expect Haye to stop Harrison, as, while the rangy elder of the two offers a difficult proposition for Haye, Harrison is surely not as difficult an opponent as Nikolay Valuev, the Russian whom Haye took his title from this time last year.

Should Haye do as is expected, and defeat Harrison, the fight boxing fans really want to see is Haye v Klitschko. However, this is a fight which Vladamir Klitschko has insinuated recently that Haye’s camp are not prepared to entertain. Whatever the future for either boxer may hold, tomorrow night is the next hurdle, and it will be interesting to see who comes on top, and how.

A defeat for either boxer might just spell the end of a career.

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