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Bomb Blast Outside Delhi High Court – 11 Confirmed Dead

The Indian Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources spoke in the Lok Sabha today to condemn a bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court as “dastardly”. The attack took place on the morning of Wednesday 7th September 2011.

In the upper house, the Rajya Sabha, the Home Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram said:

“It is with profound sorrow and regret that I inform the House of a bomb blast that took place this morning in Delhi.

“At about 10.14 a.m., a high intensity blast occurred between gate no.4 and gate no.5 of the Delhi High Court. There is a reception centre between the two gates where passes are issued. The bomb blast took place just outside the reception centre. It is suspected that the bomb was placed in a briefcase.

“According to last reports, 11 people have died and 59 have been injured. Most of the injured have been removed to Dr. RML Hospital. Some have been removed to AIIMS and other nearby hospitals. Some of the injured have suffered serious injuries. About 17 others with minor injuries are being treated at the dispensary of the High Court.

“The scene of the incident was cordoned off immediately. Ambulances reached the scene and removed the injured within 20 minutes.

“A CFSL team is at the place of the incident. Teams from the NIA and NSG are also at the place of the incident. A post blast investigation team of the Delhi Police is also carrying out investigations.

“I visited the place of the incident at about 1 p.m. I met the Hon’ble Chief Justice and other Hon’ble Judges of the High Court as well as the leaders of the Bar. The briefcase was placed next to a parapet wall that marked the space where visitors gather to collect their passes. The bomb blast has left a crater that points to the high intensity of the blast.

“Delhi is a target of terrorist groups. When Parliament is in session and during certain other times of the year Delhi is placed on high alert. Intelligence agencies constantly share intelligence inputs with Delhi Police. Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July, 2011. At this stage it is not possible to identify the group that caused the bomb blast today.

“In the last few years, several measures have been taken to strengthen Delhi Police. Despite the capacity that has been built and despite Delhi Police remaining on high alert, the tragic incident occurred today.

“The objective of terrorist groups is to strike fear and to destabilise the country. We are clear in our mind that there is no cause that will justify terrorist acts. Government unequivocally condemns the terrorist attack that took place today. The investigation of the case will be entrusted to the NIA.

“On behalf of the Government, I offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. I offer my sympathies to those who have been injured and I assure the House that we will extend the best medical treatment to the injured.

“At this point of time, I appeal to the House and to the people of the country that we must remain resolute and united. We must not show any vacillation. We shall never be intimidated by terrorist groups. We are determined to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice.”

The work of the high court is continuing, however, with the case filing deadline being extended only until 5pm today.

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