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BMW Offer Special Apple iPhone Apps for the Mini Connected

BMW is now offering further Apple iPhones apps for the Mini Connected. For €150 drivers can listen to web radio, send and receive Facebook and Twitter posts through the car’s display and be operated by the iDrive Controller.

In addition to the new special option Apps, the requirements for this function are Bluetooth connectivity and the Navigation system Professional (both special options), as well as an iPhone with the BMW Connected app, which can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple App Store.

If the iPhone is connected to the car via the USB socket or snap-in adapter, the content of the BMW Connected app appears on the display, which is ideally positioned in the driver’s line of vision. This means drivers can leave their iPhone in the holder and keep up with personal Facebook or Twitter posts in comfort and safety via the large vehicle display. Using preformulated text modules, which can be individually defined and stored in the iPhone app, the app can also be used to call up vehicle information such as current speed, outside temperature or navigation destination, enabling the driver to reply to new posts and messages from the car at any time.

As with Facebook and Twitter, the web radio feature can also be operated via the Navigation display using the iDrive Controller. It means that vehicle occupants have access to thousands of internet radio stations around the world, irrespective of the car’s location. As with the iPhone, music station searches can be carried out via a wide range of search parameters such as genre, country or local stations. Stored favourite stations can also be called up.

Whereas Facebook and Twitter can only be accessed inside the vehicle, the web radio feature of the BMW Connected App is also available on the iPhone beyond the confines of the car.

Regular updates can extend and adapt these functions, thereby guaranteeing the long-term use of current and future iPhone functions. Last but not least, the new Apps interface also allows video podcasts from the iPhone’s iPod function to be played and watched on the in-car display – when the vehicle is stationary.

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