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BMW Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Racing Car with BMW 328 Hommage

BMW has released a new car in homage to the BMW 328 racing car which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. The BMW 328 Hommage aims to achieve the aims of the car’s original designers, Fritz Fiedler and Rudolf Schleicher, using modern materials and design features.

Head of BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, said of the 328:

“Even 75 years ago, the BMW 328 stood for sportiness and agility through light-weight construction. The BMW 328 Hommage Car pays tribute to this past and shows how BMW lightweight construction will develop. Carbon is the material of the future.”

The new 328 Hommage concept car has a body made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic and the interior is formulated from fine leather, matt and high-gloss black polished aluminium as well as the CFRP. The designers decided not to add doors to the new version, instead carving deep recesses to allow access to the vehicle.

The 320 Hommage has a three-litre, six-cylinder engine. An asymmetrical windscreen, leather straps on the bonnet and racing dials provide a link to the rich heritage of the 328 racing car. However, in a modern twist, the instrument panel is fitted with two iPhones – one each for the driver and co-driver – which act as stopwatches for lap times and GPS roadbooks.

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