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Bahrain: Thousands Attend Pro-Government Rally

According to an eye-witness report, a crowd which could have been as large as 300,000 people attended a pro-Government rally in Bahrain on Monday 21st February 2011, in response to the political upheaval which has been taking place in the Kingdom over the past several days.

The crowd were out to support the King of Bahrain, Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, who has come in for criticism in particular over the handling of protests centring around the Pearl roundabout.

Fatima Salahuddin, a Bahraini national, told The Global Herald:

“Today, the silent majority has finally spoken on behalf of Bahrain.

300,000 people came out in support of the king and his government.

Many speeches were given today but all had a sole purpose.

The ultimate goal was for the king and his government to stay on and for
reasonable reforms.

The reforms consisted of:

  1. change in the constitution
  2. release of all political prisoners
  3. eliminate corruption
  4. better housing and wages.

At the end of the day, people want the government to stay intact”

A photograph (above, right) provided by Ms Salahuddin demonstrates a large number of attendees at the rally, which took place at the Fateh mosque. The precise number in attendance is unverified.

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  1. well im not a bahraini but i totally support the king he is really kind u can see it obviously he is the kindest king u can ever ask for wat more u want if u want something more just work harder to get it dont set n ask for more allah gave us two hands two legs n eyes to so work for better life dont set n wait for things to come keep that in mind every body can see wats going on n wats not ,long live bahrain n the kings family n bahrain’s people n family’s let there be peace

  2. Long live the kingdom of Bahrain . Long live the royal family

  3. thank you to be fair enogh
    thank you from our heart
    no one wa listeneing to our side

  4. Unfortunately it is people who, like Aisha, assume things and make this such a sad sad situation. I am a Bahraini Christian so neither Shia or Sunni…a Bahraini who loves her country and feels saddened to see it in such a away. It is individuals, who, like Aisha, are spoon fed information whether they hear it here or there and not bother to take the time and effort to use the common sense that God gave them, that makes this crisis so depressing.
    All I can say is shame on every teacher, doctor, nurse, worker, driver, employee who has left his job to go and sit at the pearl roundabout and smoke shisha, get married, have a hair cut and then call it a call for change!
    I take my hat off to all those volunteers who are giving their time and effort to fill in where others have left off..why because unlike those others they believe education is important.
    Because with education comes the power to use the most effective medium that god gave us…the brain.

  5. Aisha,
    Thank you. It was great and magical night. all were calling for Bahraini national unity. ONE VOICE.. ONE HOME ONE PEOPLE AND ONE KING..


  6. How can you dare to say we were paid to go, I was there and the majority were middle or upper class and they dont need the money! Aisha – stop spreading your ugly lies out of spite , the pro gov gathering was documented and everyone can see for themselves the real bahrainis chanting for unity and love for the king. You should be ashmed of yourself LONG LIVE BAHRAIN!!

  7. YES! Those are the true loyal bahrainis, we all support our government no matter what religeon we follow we all unite for a brighter future. Thanx for listening to us as the intenational media refused to, instead they were looking for propaganda . Long live Bahrain . Long live King Hamad.

  8. everything that was said in the article was true everyone who went loves the prime minister, crown and prince and especially everyone loves the king..and you have the RIGHT proof infront of your eyes..the video is right there..and the picture too..anyone who doesnt like what they see you dont need to bring in wrong facts to the table. like aisha here? 500,000 people are protesting? thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard. because 300000-500000 were at al fateh yesterday to help make bahrain a better country and supporting the king. so aisha get your fact straight because lulu ROUNDABOUT…LULU ROUNDABOUT. fits only 35 thousand people..even less..

  9. Aisha,
    I life in Bahrain now for 4 years and NO ONE BUT NOBODY give me Money to Protects against your actions ( Bahrain is a peaceful Island and I LOVE BAHRAIN ). I just Believe that the King of Bahrain is the most tolerant King in all GCC.
    i LOVE BAHRAIN AND I WILL NOT LEAVE BAHRAIN BECAUSE I FEEL HOME HERE but people like you Aisha will not Succeed to scare US. PEACE BAHRAIN .

  10. I saw the video posted by Aisha. It just goes to show how much hatred they want to create. First of all, the rally was in Al Fateh area and at 6:30 pm (after evening prayers). Next, the person taking the video just focuses on whoever they think is non-Bahrainis judging by their dress or skin colour. What a shame (Racist) !!! The person is not even showing the Bahrainis taking part in the protest (instead showing buildings and walking past them … hahahaaa) Moreover, the article written by the Global Herald is quite small. It should have given more details about the speeches that happened during the support rallies.

    • Dear Muneer,
      300,000 made it and there were more than 10 thousands were stuck in traffic. It was a wonderful historic day in Bahrain. I am sorry you missed it. it was civilized, peaceful and calling for national unity. Not radical racist we see in other small protest areas.

      Grow up!

  11. How can you say we were paid? u stupid stupid person aisha. It doesnt matter if non bahraini’s were there or not indians and pakistani’s who’s minium wage is 90bd love this country and survive on that are happy why cant shia’s people by happy this kingdom gave you health care education and a good place to live in you have a problem with the government get the f*** out

  12. Dear
    Finally one news is telling both side . What happen yesterday in Juffair ( Mosque)
    Peaceful and Full of all nationality. it was so great i never saw so many people in my life and it was so peaceful and i have no words to say but it WAS SO MAGIC .


  13. Shame that you tak the time to be so negative. Look at the areas surrounding th emosque – there were over 500,000 people for this rally – get your facts right first. Tru, ou cannot fit more than 20,000 in Lulu – that is in another place. We stand for Peace Unity and the truth look at our website and hopefully you will see our perspective. There were peole of all sects, religions and races so what is wrong with that – citizens and residents together wanted to show alliegance to the ruling family. For King and Country.

    Peace Barhain

  14. Aisha, I was there yesterday and seen mainly Arabic people, loads of families with kids. All driving in in cars. No buses. Expats, especially Westerners, a hand full. By car it took 1 hour to cover a stretch of 500 meter.

    Your video, childish at best. Wrong day, wrong time, wrong location when considering the subject, this was Friday. A guy browsing for Pakistani’s and Indians asking the “where are you from”, sad. Further more, the pearl round-about has never seen more than 30.000 people, it is quite impossible to park Half a Million people there.

  15. Your name ‘Aisha’ don’t quite go with your comments…

    Tell me honestly how much was you paid for ‘WHAT YOU DO !’.


    God Bless America, God Bless Bahrain.
    God Bessed humanity, BE PART OF IT.

    BE HUMAN !!!

  16. This is a video of the rally at Al-Fateh Mosque earlier today supporting the call for national unity and our KING, hear the crowd chant in OUR language ARABIC “with our soul and blood we protect you bahrain”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYgGW9OMXm0

  17. 300,000 thousands, the place they are in can’t even taken 20,000!! I mean if they want to spread a rumor, it has to be reasonable

    • ill-informed and ignorant: best words to describe you. The place can accodmodate easily 500,000. If you dont know then keep your mouth shut and dont make yourslef look stupid.

      The people of Bahrain want the Al-Khalifa family to stay. The message has been voiced very clearly to all the world. Those few thousand do not represent us people of Bahrain. They only represent themselves, people who wish Bahrain to be in turmoil, backed by foreign countries. They will not have it their way. The people of Bahrain will never let outsiders decide for us. Bahrain is for Bahrainis, and we will not allow the peace of our country to be sabotaged by some foolish teenagers incited by sectarianism.

  18. Oh, and thank you (Aisha) for posting that video, it only shows that the people in Bahrain, from different nationalities, are pleased and happy with the government and country because of their kind and giving nature.

  19. A reply to Aisha, first of all the video you posted is on the 19tht of feb 2011 ,
    2nd how can the government pay all 300.000 protesters to go and do a patriotic job , you and others are shamfully not supporting it?
    where is your credibility?

    then I wanted to ask the repoters in this page , why did you state that the numbers are unverified , why you didn’t mention the same when there was demonstrations in Egypt?

  20. The silent majority consists of people who were not outside either rallying or protesting. They are just bahrainis, not sunnis or shiias, Bahrainis. We don’t differentiate. The slogans of today’s rally was no division between the people and the second one is no sunni, no shiie, just Bahraini. I would like to know where did you get the fact about 70 percent of the population are protesting, that is not true. Around 7,00 people are at the pearl roundabout right now. That is less than 20 percent of the population. The 300,000 came from the people who wanted unity and change. The royal family never paid a single dime to anyone. I can vouch for that since I am one of those people you are referring to. I voluntarily went to all the pro government rallies. In less than two hours, 2000 people gathered to support their king and the royal family. Today’s rally was not created by the government, the government had nothing to do with it. It was created by The National Unity Committee, who want to see change, stability and still maintain the same form of government. The youtube video that you posted is the day where 2000 gathered not this day.

    • Thank you Fatima. These were organsied by independant people – no-one was paid. It is always a shame when people are so sceptical. They just do not understand that majority of this country supports the ruling family and the government. Please follow us on peacebahrain.com for more news.

      Peace Bahrain

  21. wahahahahahah y saw the video .. only pakis and indians Fatima Salahuddin, you are a joke

  22. Im not sure where you got the fact that 70 percent are protesting. The estimation at the pearl roundabout doesnt not exceed 7000 people. The silent majority is neither suni or shia, but bahraini. This is the slogan that is being used. For the record the royal family did not pay us anything. I voluntarily went to all the pro government rallies. Today’s rally wasn’t held by the government and had nothing to do with the government. It was a rally taking place in a mosque created by the National unity committee, who wanted to bring all the bahrainis together to voice out, ” yes we do need change, but the royal famly doesnt need to abdicate”. The youtube video that you posted refers to another day, where around 2,000 people showed up in less than two hours. There is no right or wrong side here.

  23. First of all just because 70% of them are shia does not mean that all 70% of them are against the government. I know many that ARE NOT!!! Second of all do your research, although bahraini citizens are mainly arab, howala, baharna, and ajam believe it or not there are others as well. I guess you need to educate yourself about Bahrain before making weak comments. Or maybe your trying to say that just because they do not look bahraini and look indian (or any other nationality) they are not citizens. Your not a good citizen now are you? You made a comment saying, “They are the royal family’s PAID servants, non-nationals, and foreingers who work for the upper crust of the society that fear any change in the governemnt will threaten them and their powerful positions” Are you saying some voices and opinions are less valuable than others? Pictures don’t lie I have seen photos of those pro-government, if majority of those people are upper class then the king must have done a GREAT JOB giving to the citizens of Bahrain.

  24. Aisha, so now you are going to exempt the foreigners from having the right to vote in favor of the current status quo. Here is the problem, assuming you are entitling yourself to human rights and your claim of discrimination of minorities in Bahrain… you are doing the exact same thing. You are disapproving the opinions of the fairly large foreign population who most of them lived in the island before you were born. They are the same people who built your house, office, playgrounds for you and your family. Respect them the same way they respect you. The real problem in Bahrain, most anti-govt protesters avoided free education, burnt the books and the buses to school, spend most of their days in coffee shops smoking water pipes and depend entirely on foreigners on building the economy up…Then, the same people demanded office jobs and salaries that they don’t qualify for. 3% of Bahrain lives under poverty, of the 3%, they earn an equivalent of $5 a day (World Average is $1). Just looking at statistics, the numbers are against your claim. Far more important, if it wasn’t for the constitutional reform 10 years ago, the people in Bahrain wouldn’t even think a protest is possible. Now you backstab your country and its rulers to copycat Egypt and Libya? Phony as hell…
    Long live the Prime Minister! He is the the backbone of our country, and the only reason why you can afford your wants the same way, OPEC-members GCC countries do… so please… stop the hatred… its not about Shia and Sunah, its about being able to respond and connect with the system.. Its about growing, rather than shrinking. Re-evaluate Bahrain, you will figure out the brainwashing scheme.

  25. I am from Bahrain, born and bred; you (Aisha) have NO right to say that we were paid to fight for our country. We went to this rally to support our country and to re-build peace and unity in Bahrain, BY CHOICE!
    We were even MORE than 300,000 people, it’s funny that you think we’ve been paid, really, it’s hilarious!!! And everyone I could spot and spoke to were PURE bahraini’s. I was there and I witnessed it all.
    Here are some videos:

  26. Did you ask who this “silent majority” is exactly? Who are those pro-government people? Bahriani nationals are 530,000 and 70% of them are out protesting AGAINST the governemnt. Where did those 300,000 come from? They are the royal family’s PAID servants, non-nationals, and foreingers who work for the upper crust of the society that fear any change in the governemnt will threaten them and their powerful positions. Here is a video showing you who the “silent majority” you claim are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVHpgMc9OsQ see for youself!

    • For the people making fun of the pro-government gathering, i have something to tell u!! Jealousy is a disease, Get well soon (K)

    • Aisha, wherever these people came from, you cannot deny their right to protest nor belittle the fact that they are protesting a fear about their way of life.

      If the 300,000 Bahrainis pro-government protesters are all the paid servants of the Bahrain Royal Family, then surely by the same sectarian language, the 30,000 Shiite Islamists who have raliied in Manama are just the paid servants of the Persian Mullahs in Iran?

      Some of your comments are highly derogotary about foreigners in Bahrain. They amount to profound racism, which is incompatible with democracy. You forget that without the expertise of foreigners, your economy would not have grown.

      Unfortunately, as can be seen from your provocative language, many of the Shiite Islamists who are protesting are protesting their narrow religious-driven desires for supremacy and not for genuine democracy.

      No one doubts that there is corruption, nepotism, and discrimination in the Arab world. But are the Shiite Islamists in Bahrain wanting this to end, or just to turn the tables?

      May I remind you, that In Iraq, after Saddam was toppled in 2003, and the government handed to Shiite Islamists, rather than usher in genuine national unity and democracy, the Shiite Islamists filled the police forces with sectarian death squads and proceeded to kill over 200,000 Sunnis, the vast majority of whom were not members of the Baath Party.
      More than 100,000 Sunnis are still held in jails under conditions of abuse and torture in Iraq by Shiite Islamist secuirity forces without trial. This is apart from the 2 million Sunni who were driven out of their homes in Basra and Baghdad by sectarian militias and who are still refugees in Syria and Jordan.

      The sectarian Shiite militias in Iraq drew their funding from Shiite Islamist donations from all over the Islamic world, especially Shiite Islamists from Iran, Lebanon, Bahrain and other Gulf countries. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, Aisha……but Islam certainly allows an eye for eye if that is absolutely the last resort.

      If the Shiite Islamist minority want genuine democracy rather than war with the rest of the Islamic world, they need to work hard with moderate Sunnis to create genuine reconciliation and peace in all the places where they live together so that Islamic society can confront corruption and sectarian bigotry, whether this is Sunni or Shiite, with a single voice.

    • Aisha, honestly, you sound like an idiot. Probably more of a liar. I was at the fatah mosque yesterday, hardly any and i mean any non-nationals. The place was packed completely, mostly all bahrainis, and that will be obvious later when more close up pictures come out and you see that most men and women are in their traditional clothes.

      Stop the lies, the people protesting against the government are the Shia sect, not the sunnis. We all stand behind the government, and you will never, i repeat, never ever be able to take control of this government. We will stand in your way, the bahrain military will stand in your way, the Saudi Arabian tribes will stand in your way, the Saudi Arabian forces will stand in your way, the whole GCC will stand in your way. Shia make are an underwhelming minority in the gulf, so I urge you people to accept the dialogue and try to get as much as you can, because right now, the GCCs number one hated group of people are the Shia, causing unrest, insecurity, instability, in peaceful bahrain.

      300,000 all bib-nationals and servants! You people just amaze me, your tongues are so used to lying.

    • An who said that the opposition is 70% the data says that it is about 50-50 and don’t forget that not al Sheits are against the government. and you cant deny the conflict at the pearl roundabout. Every country respects foreigners , why should our country go backwards and treat foreigners di-respectfully ??

      Have some respect to your country that you are claiming to be protecting.

    • Dear Aisha, I’ve been there myself, I walked back and fourth, and it consisted of Bahrainis everywhere I went. This conspiracy theory that “if they support the gov, they must have been paid” is getting old. I’d say that ALL were Bahrainis even – I barely saw a single Indian, Pakistani, or westerners. I did however see shiites participating in the rally – so claiming all 70% are with you right now at Pearl roundabout because they happen to be shiites is a very childish claim. When your rally and ours themselves say “no shiite or sunni”.

      Next time you want to make such a claim, why don’t you attend to find out yourself? Or maybe you can stay and continue being in denial for any spark that goes against your cause.

    • Aisha, making blind accusations and statements with without supporting them with facts just to create hostility between people is not what Bahrain is about. I was at the rally. There were people of different sects attending; all sharing the same goal unconditional love for Bahrain, and their support for the government. Instead of trying to destroy our country’s image and fighting others blindly, let us all work together to restore peace and unity in our beloved country- after all Bahraini brothers and sisters.

    • Aisha I guess you don’t live in Bahrain and don’t know much about it. I am an expat who has lived here around 20 years, and I am one of the silent majority! Last night the majority spoke out – people of all nationalities and religions took part of their own free will. Bahrain has always been a cosmopolitan island and no-one lives in fear here! On the contrary, we pay no tax but Bahrainis receive free education, housing, medical and unemployment benefits. Even expats are entitled to medical care with a nominal fee (remember NO TAX). People are entitled to demonstrate as in any free country, but when it turns violent the government has to step in to defend our security. Please take time to know your facts before you read a headline and form an ill-informed opinion.

    • Aisha,
      You totally missed the plot. The whole idea was National UNity. Guess you didn’t read, nor hear the speech. It is all about everyone living in Bahrain. Trust you to make into a racist issue. Am guessing your name isnt Aisha either.. Shame that such a great Day for All Bahrainis, and yes, that includes you, is spoiled by the few who call themselves the saviours of Bahrain….I say go back into the hole you came out from…

    • Aisha, not deny that there is a silent majority that does not want to tear Bahrain apart. We want REFORMS; we want EQUALITY for all citizens from all sects; we want JUSTICE for those that needlessly lost their lives recently; we want a BETTER FUTURE for our children; and we want our MONARCHY. Iran got rid of the Shah decades ago and they have been regretting it since. We don’t want to be the pariah of the GCC. I want a strong economy and a stable, liberal government. Why should only your voice count Aisha? Are you some how better than the rest of us?

    • First of all, Aisha, you sound like you’re a person who wants to be as open minded and non biased as you can. I respect that, however you aren’t being what you hoped to be. Infact, you’re completely biased to one side (and I can’t say if it’s right or wrong but you need to consider what you’re doing and saying carefully.)
      Listen to your self, assuming that all 70% (the whole shia population) were on the round-about or are protesting against the king. That is very biased. I am Shia and my family is as well(naturally), and my cousins and my ajam and buharna friends. We were definitely not on the round-about nor would we have been. We are with everyone on the need for reform but we are not going to get reform if we ask the government to leave and have us all start a new life style. Bahrain is a great place and I say that as someone who’s been to Iran a few times in my life, and though I love my roots and origins there is no denial that Bahrain is a much more free country and one with a lot of benefits which you can’t find elsewhere.
      I am part of that 70% you mentioned and I assure you that your numbers are all wrong. Personally I didn’t attend the pro reform rally in alFateh, but my relatives and friends who are shia did. Perhaps, 70% of the people, sunni and shia, do not want the government to change.
      As for the link you shared, is that really fair? that isn’t the fateh rally, that was from before, and btw, i asked several indian myself, they weren’t payed infact their replies were like this “we’re scared of buhranis, they dont want us here”.

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