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Ayurvastra – Handmade Indian Clothing Dyed with Medicinal Herbs

In a video produced exclusively for The Global Herald, K.S. Ashik explores the techniques being used by the Handloom Weavers Development Society to create handmade clothing dyed with medicinal herbs. The weavers are based in Balaramapuramin in Kerala State – the Southernmost Indian region.

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The Ayurveda Vastram Store in Balaramapuramin

Its proponents claim a wide range of healing benefits sources from the “Ayurvedam ” system – a 5000 year old Indian method of healing. “Ayurvastra” combines this system with cotton fabric to create wearable alternative therapies.

The medicinal herbs include turmeric, tulsi, neem, khus-khus (vetiver), sandalwood and indigo. These herbs are blended with balancing extracts to make delicate colours that remain permanently in the fibres of the clothing. Ayurvastra dyeing is applied on wholly natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, coir, hemp, nettle and bamboo to make eco-friendly textiles.

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