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Dr K. Hannah Holtschneider

Dr K. Hannah Holtschneider
K. Hannah Holtschneider is Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies at the University of Edinburgh and author of 'The Holocaust and representations of Jews' (Routledge Jewish Studies Series, 2011). Her first book, 'German Protestants remember the Holocaust' was published by Lit.Verlag in 2001. Her research interests are in the field of Jewish-non-Jewish relations, Holocaust representation and Jewish material culture.

Visual Representations of the Holocaust and Religion

Representations of the Holocaust have been debated for a long time, almost since the end of World War II in 1945. For some representations per se are problematic, because they aestheticise a horrible subject, because they try to convey experiences which are deemed uncommunicable, because they appropriate other people’s experiences, because they are voyeuristic of other people’s pain, because they …

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