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Australian Researchers Develop Titanium 3D Printed Horseshoe

Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia have developed a custom-fit horseshoe made from titanium and produced by a 3D printer.

The process is a new application for handheld laser scanners and 3D printing which produces a tailor-made lightweight shoe.

A racehorse from John Moloney’s yard near Melbourne was the first animal to try out the new shoes.

The trainer commented:

“Any extra weight in the horseshoe will slow the horse down. These titanium shoes could take up to half of the weight off a traditional aluminium shoe, which means a horse could travel at new speeds.

“Naturally, we’re very excited at the prospect of improved performance from these shoes.”

The made-to-measure shoes can be scanned-in to a computer and printed on the same day.

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