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Australian Open 2010 Tennis: Roger Federer Wins Men’s Singles Title

Roger Federer (Champion) and Andy Murray (Runner-Up) Pose with their trophies at 2010 Australian Open

Roger Federer has defeated Britain’s Andy Murray in the Australian Open final at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, by three sets to love, 6-3 6-4 7-6 (13-11).

This was the fourth Australian Open Men’s Singles Title for the Swiss World Number One and top seed.

Federer brought his usual excellent game to the court, and hit 46 winners in the three sets to Murray’s 29. Murray seemed to be playing more defensively than of late, too, and this seemed to play into Federer’s hands a little, allowing him to dominate most rallies before picking his moment to make a passing shot.

It was not until the third set that Murray had a chance at a set point, in the tie breaker: Murray had five to Federer’s three Championship points. Both could have taken an early one – Federer missed a passing shot on his first Championship point and Murray had opportunities to take the match to a fourth set or beyond.

However, a fourth set may only have prolonged the inevitable for Murray appeared the more tired of the two players as Federer, cool, calm and devastatingly effective on the Grand Slam Final tennis court, was in complete control.

Speaking after the match, an emotional Andy Murray said:

“He was a lot better than me tonight

Hopefully one time I can come back and win here

Sorry I couldn’t do it for you tonight … I can cry like Roger, its just a shame I can’t play like him”

Federer gave his usual composed speech as Champion:

“[to Murray] You’re too good of a player not to win a Grand slam so don’t worry about it …

[of the Melbroune crowd] you get the best out of me

Its also very special the first Grand slam as a father

I’ll see you next year”

At 28, Federer will appear in many more Grand Slam finals as long as he wishes to continue playing the game of tennis, such is his natural gift. If Murray is to topple the current king, he must simply keep making these finals with him, and come out more aggressively than he did today.

Roger Federer, for his part, looks sure to put down some potentially unbreakable records in this sport.

We await the French Open, and Federer’s least favoured surface to see the great man in action once again. For now, the rest of the tennis world simply has to applaud and say “too good”.

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